There are many challenges we face as day traders. Despite what others may claim or portray, day trading is a difficult task that while not impossible, requires a whole lot of fortitude and persistence. Most beginners believe learning how to read technical charts and cash flow statements will lead you to become a successful trader; however, that’s only the start! One of the key skills you must have as a day trader is the ability to identify emotions and attitudes that will develop within your mind and then know how to deal with them. What do I mean? In this video I will use some of my personal day trading results that I captured, live, on video to illustrate an extremely annoying circumstance. What you’ll see is something that will happen to you at some point (there’s no “if” about it!). When this situation does arrive, you need to be prepared for it. Sometimes the best medicine for a very frustrating trade outcome is to just laugh. While I understand this could come across as not treating day trading seriously like it should be, in all actuality, when you laugh it serves as a defense mechanism to protect you from doing something far worse. Laughter is a simple way to overcome some extremely challenging situations, as you’ll see. Let’s get to it!

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