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Knowledge Power and 62% Bounces

I understand. Lots of people out there lead you to believe that you can be a mindless puppet and make money in the stock market by “following them”. As good as that sounds, in the world of trading it is not true. Sure, there is value and benefits in assistance in finding worthwhile trading set-ups; however, you still need to have the knowledge and ability to be able to adjust and be flexible within the overall technical chart trade set-up itself. You’ll see more of what I mean, so please watch the entire video!

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Hey, it's Clay at ClayTrader.com.This will be the weekly reviewof the Power Profit Scan newsletter,which is a part of the Innercircle subscriptionthat I offer at the site.You get with that subscription accessto the live trading chat room,but you also get this weekly newsletterthat I send out over the weekend.And what I've been doing is just goingover the scans so you can,kind of, get an idea,a look behind the scenes,if you will.But also some realtime learning examplesof how trading works in general.And then specificallyhow the newsletter works and what you would getas part of the subscription.A couple of disclosures.First off, am I trying to implythat every single scan that is sent outis always winners,always big gains, always profitable?Absolutely not, in fact,if you've watched any of the past videosI do in this series,you've seen I've shown plenty of losing trades.I've shown plays where you just don't getany opportunity or you just don't getinto the trade.So I'm not trying to imply that at all.Nobody's perfect, losses happen.But what is importantis the importance of discipline,the importance of managing risk,because while losses do happen,winners also happen.So you wanna make sure that you knowhow to control the losers so that when,by definition, the winners also happen,your account's in a place where it can profitand then grow over a longer term timeframe.Second, we are going to be looking at scansfrom back here on the week of 10/22.Why am I going back so far?Well, two reasons.First is it's just giving the chart plentyof time to unfold,plenty of time to just play outso that we can see what actually happens.And second, it's a matter of being fair.The last thing that I would want,and I'm sure you'd understand is,if you pay for somethingand all of a sudden you seewhat you just paid for on the Internet for free,that wouldn't be fair to you.So that's why I wanna give this stuff plentyof time to, kind of,play out here and then just a matterof being fair.But the, kind of,underlying theme here I wanna focus onis more so, knowledge.Knowledge to adjust,knowledge to think on your feet.And why just being a blind puppetreally doesn't workand why being a blind puppetis actually very costly.Here's the first setup we're gonna go overthat was sent out.As I stated in the opening,this is sent out over the weekend.So what you see is just the chartgoing into the weekend.And then the next day you'll see,will be Monday.But just going through here,you can see that the categorywas a Volatility Play.And then I made a comment abouthow $25 could be a nice potential entry point,you know, if the price continued to get violent,'cause it was a crazy mover.So at first,$25 was the focal point.But at first,remember, the power of knowledge,the power of being able to think for yourself.Now, our plane here is,I can't turn this into some huge 45 minute videowhere I explain every little detail.But what I am gonna do,especially for you Clay Trader University membersthat enjoy watching these videos,I am gonna take a couple of theseand use them in the live webinar this Tuesdayso that you can see exactlywhat I'm talking about.Hopefully you already noticeand you're like, oh yeah,I see exactly how that would work out.Because these should all be relativelyin your face,relatively logical to you.I'm assuming you've gonethrough the courses and all that.If not, don't worry about it.That's the whole point of the live webinars.We'll get you figured out on Tuesday.But if you were just watching this,I'm still gonna show some examplesbut I'm not gonna gointo all the nitty gritty details,just because time is limitedand yeah, there are paying membersof the University Program.Again, just a matter of being fair.So let's see how things played out.Remember though, $25 was the key.So you can start to see that this occurs.The price just starts to go sidewaysand it's looking like,okay, well $25 isn't really a possibility.But there are some dynamics going on here.Again, knowledge is power.When you have knowledge,when you've invested into yourself,when your mentality,which by the way is 100% false despitewhat others might tell you,but when your mentality is,just tell me what to do,I don't wanna have to think for myself,I don't wanna,just tell me what to do from A to Z.I don't wanna think for myself.Like I said,maybe in some areas in life that'll actually workbut in the market it doesn't work like that.And you can see that,yeah sure, while it never hit 25,for the person that is investedin their knowledge.And like I said,there's very clear signals here that,you know what,it may make sense to throw $25 to the side.And you can see right there,a bounce did ultimately happenwhich was a nice 17% move in the matterof just a couple of weeks.Am I saying that people playedit perfectly for 17?No, but let's say you got it for 10.I am aware of no banks in the worldthat are gonna give you 10% return on your moneyin two weeks.If you know of a bank that will do thatthen please let me know.But 10% in two weeks,not too bad.But like I said,the power of knowledge.And that's one of the things,well, what does knowledge get you?Why do you say knowledge is powerful?The ability to adjust,there is one example.And yeah, there are some adjustmentsthat would've needed to be madefrom the original premise of 25,but I assure you that if you had the knowledgethen you would've been ableto make the adjustments.You would've seen certain thingsthat would've worked outand could've gotten you stilla nice little trade.The next one here to look at,AMD and threw it into a Risk vs Reward category.And as you see right here as I mapped out,it may not happen in the coming weekbut within the next could present a nice entry.And then down here right around the $20 mark.So that was the overall premise,could it get down to that $20 markwith the pullback?So here is what the chart looked like goinginto that week.And we'll let things play out,play out and then that crazy day happened.But on this,this is the situation where, again,with knowledge you would be ableto adjust the price gap down below 20.And I'm not gonna getinto all the nitty gritty details of things.But choosing your entry pointdown around that area would've made sense.It would've made very logical sense,again, and this isfor you Clay Trader University members,I will be talking about this one for sureon Tuesday 'cause there areso many great reminders and learning lessonsthat go into it,that have all been taught,but that just need to be,you know, maybe reinforced.But maybe you see exactly why I would've adjustedwhere I did.So let's just seehow this one continues to play out.And you can see right there,the entry point would've happened.Hovers around that area and then all of a sudden,right back to life it goes.And I realize,and I admit, yes,I do have hindsight in my favor.But like I said,there's actually nothing complicatedbehind any of what I've done here.Yeah, there's some learning that you need to do.There's some knowledge requiredbut it's not like I'm just making this stuff upand it is very,like I said, rational for these locationsthat I've mapped out on the chart.So we'll see how this one continuedto unfold and eventually worked it's wayall the way up therefor a nice 32% bounce off of the,again, adjustment.And I promise you,I 100% promise you,in fact, there's why I offerthe 30-day money back guaranteeon Clay Trader University.I promised you that there are thingsthat exist out therethat you can gain knowledge wisethat would've made this adjustmentmore than rational,more than logical and so just keep that in mind.So 32% bounce right there in a matter of,I don't know, about a couple of weeks.Again, I'm not saying anybody made 32%.Let's say you screwed up half the tradeso you only made 16%.Well, I don't know any banks in the world,like I said,that would give you 16% return on your moneyin only two weeks.So very, very nice move there,but again, the main thing,the knowledge of power.What's one of the attributes of knowledge?The ability to adjust,the ability to think on your feet.The final one we're gonna look at hereis TTNP and before I forget,take note of the price of this one.Now we're talking about a stockthat's below a dollar.So the previous ones we were talkingabout a $20 stock and then the other onewas a little bit more than that, above 20.Or I guess those ones were both around 20,now that I think about it.But regardless, you get the idea.We've looked at big boardsand now all of a sudden we're lookingat a penny stock.So Clay, what kind of newsletteror what kind of stocks do you trackin the newsletter?Hey, if I think there's a potential,profitable setup, I will alert itno matter the price.So there's that common question that I get.So like I said and this doesa good example of that.We've been talking about $20 stocks,now all of a sudden we're at a penny stock here.But like I said,TTNP and as I called it,pullback play.And as I highlighted over here,breakout bounce has already happenedso don't be a guppy and chase.Remember, you don't wanna be a guppy.But any kind of panic pullbackcould become interesting.And I did map out this area down here,but notice, it's just any kind of panic pullback.So you gotta, kind of, think,all right, well, is it going on 25 or just,how can I judge the pullback?Because any kind of pullbackcould be interesting and that's exactlywhat you're gonna see has happened.What I really like about this oneis how it essentially reinforcesa bad habit that, yeah,works out but in the long runit's gonna bite you.So remember I said,hey, don't chase, don't chase.Gotta wait for some sort of pullback.Well, I suppose you could callthat some sort of pullback,but that'll be a littletoo pie in the sky, right.So yeah, then you would've bought it right there.Now, that's not being very genuine.But then all of a sudden,there it goes.There it goes and the crazy thing is,people saw this spike and you better believethat people are buying thereand people were buying thereand people were buying there.And literally, or else that candlestickwould not have formed,somebody literally bought right upat essentially 61, 62 cents.Somebody bought there.Some poor sole bought there and they chasedand then all of a sudden that happenedand then that happenedand then that happenedand the pullback has begun.Now remember, that was the original premiseof the order, it was hey,let's wait for some sort of pullback.Again, I suppose you could calland count that as a pullback.But like I said,I could've said,oh yeah, well you bought right here at 34and then you got up there at 60 and you made,yeah but like I said,that would be disingenuous'cause that's a little too,a little too perfect.But now this is where knowledge comes into play.And like I said,if you are and I'm not saying you've gonethrough my courses but just in general,there should be something that arisesand you're like, oh okay, yeah, yeah.The pullback has now become potentiallyan interesting spot.And right there you geta very nice bounce.And like I said,there's dynamics that occur chart wisethat would've made down around this areaactually illogical to get in.Sure, it didn't hit 25 but remember,the ability to think on your feet,the ability to adjust,the ability to judge a pullbackand what sort of dynamics you should look for.And that bounce right there was62 and a half percent of a profit window.Again, let's say you screwed up half of it.You're still looking at 31.25%.31.25% and this bounce happened in,basically two days.So I'll guarantee you that no bankin the world is gonna give you 32.25%on your money in two days.I mean and remember,that's considering you screwed up half the trade.Let's say you got 40% out of it,maybe even 50.I mean, that's a great percent of a movein a very short amount of time.But it all started with knowledgeand the ability to adjust,the ability to analyze the situation,have an overall premise and then startto think for yourself.So some good examples thereof just why you gotta learn,why you can't be a total puppet.If you are interested in joiningand learning a little bit more,here are the different dynamics that do comewith the service.Yeah, we already talked about the newsletter herebut there's that live trading chatroomand you get other things too,including the mobile app.That way you don't have to be chainedto your computer.You can keep in touchwith the community and the chatroom.You can keep in touch with the newsletterand the scans wherever you are.So that's a nice little added feature I think.As far as the cost, $99per year, not per week,not per quarter,not per month, per year.If you pull out the calculatorand run the math you'll see thatthat actually breaks downto $8 and 25 cents per month.Or if you wanna break downthose numbers even more,it goes to a dollar and 90 cents per week.So truly a fair price and as I say every weekand will continue to say,I am very, very confidentthat over the time span of 12 months,you'll get at least $99 worth of value.So the pricing is more than fair.If you are interested,you can just go to this link right there.Or if you just go to ClayTrader.com,there's a section at the top of Innercircleand you can click on thatand join up right there.I hope you do decide to join usand it's a great community.If you do have any questions,leave those in the comment section below.Reach out to me on social media.Reach out to me through the website,whatever makes your life easier.I'd be happy to answer any questions you have.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader