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Life 101: Value Your Time

Time is money. If you find yourself walking around with this person’s mentality towards other people’s time, then I’d highly recommend you do some self-auditing on just how wise (or not wise) you are being when it comes to this topic.

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Let's talk life, just life 101.And more specifically, valuing your time.(dramatic music)Now this does have trading implications,stock market implications, kind of,but I guess it's also, it could probablybe on my Money With Clay, YouTube channel too,but kind of a life lesson in terms of your perspectiveand what the kind of tells youabout your personal situation.What do I mean by that?Well, if you believe that somebody elseshouldn't be valuing their time,if you believe that somebody else is doing somethingthat's actually stupid on their part.Through what I've seen is you're probablydoing it yourself, because if for some reasonyou think somebody else should be approaching a situationin one manner, you probably approachthat same situation in that manner to an extent.And I'll explain what I mean by to an extent.But my point here is being, you're definitelynot being as efficient as possible in regards to it.And, to give a little background here, if you sign upfor my free newsletter there is an automated emailthat goes to you directly and I tell you thatit's automated and I ask, hey tell me about yourselfwhere you're from, what are your goals,what are you looking to do.And then if you do reply then I will,I will definitely read it personally and then reply back.So this is what this person is replying back toand I'll pick it up after I go through their email response.So the person says:So by me responding to your email, which you were gonnapersonally read and respond to, I get an automatedemail response with a bunch of short links,which I'm probably not gonna click on, because they willprobably try to sell me something.Aww shucks, and here I got thinking my being personablewould actually get me somewhere, pfft.So I wanna break things down here.This person was pretty muchthey don't, very clearly, like the idea of paying.Because what's going on, they want something,so we'll just, this is the something boxand then this is the money boxand this is, we'll call it, in order to get it.How do you, how do you get to get.So how do you work from, hey, needing somethingand then getting whatever that is you need.And this person is clearly, no, no, no, no,I'm not gonna go that route.I want to go that route.In other words, I wanna get that something for not paying.And their whole little comment about, oh,geez, I thought I'd be personable,that would get me somewhere.Well, get you somewhere, what is their somewhere?Well, very clearly they don't wanna have to payfor anything and here,because there's links that I'm selling them something,therefore, you're probably trying to sell me somethingand I thought I could get somewhere.So not only is this kind of a victim mentalitywhere, oh geez, woe is me, you're tryingto sell me something and I thoughtI would just get a free lunch.I thought I'd just be,get something for free because I'm being personable.I mean that's a whole 'nother discussion.But the idea here is, yes, I do charge for stuff.And, yes, there nothing, I shouldn't say nothing,but everything I offer is not free.And, I mean, what I always sell, and this is nothing new,but, I offer plenty of free stuff.That's why I can sleep just fine at night.I mean, ClayTrader.com/blog, you'll seeall sorts of free content there.That's basically the YouTube channelcondensed in categories and everything,and you'll see it all right there.But what this person seems to fail to understand is that,time is money.In fact, that's the one commoditythat nobody can buy more of.I don't care if you're Warren Buffet,Mark Cuban, Jeff Bezos, those richest people in the world.That's something they understand because they're like,you know, I can buy anything in the world.I can't buy more time, though.So time is the most valuable assetand one that you better be assigning a dollar value to.And this isn't I'm don't mean for thisto be a justification of why I charge prices for courses,and well Clay, why don't you justgive it away for everybody?Because I put a lot of time into this.I spend a lot of time away from my familyand I spend a lot of time on customer service.And I spend a lot of time on ongoing coachingafter people get courses, that I need to make it worthmy time that I'm awayfrom other things that I would I like to do.Now I do like to do the helping out,but still, it pulls me away from my family,it pulls me away from other things.And because of that, I need to value my time.And because of this principle, because time is limited,you need to be very aware of your time.And you need to assign a value to it.And the funny and ironic thing here is,of course the people that always wanna go that route,a very easy way to shut them down is,hey, if you go in for a week to work,well first, do you have a job?Yeah yeah, I have a job.Alright, well, if you go in for a week to your workand say, hey boss, you don't have to pay me.Don't pay me for the next week.Well that's crazy.Why is that crazy?Because I'm going and spending time there doing something.Exactly.You are spending your time so you are valuing your time.That's the great irony here, but what it's telling meabout this person is that they don't quite get it thatyou should always be looking to maximizeyour time as much as possible.Now, am I saying you need to squeezeevery little penny from it?No.Am I, well Clay, you're selling,yeah but I also offer plenty of free stuffwhere there's nothing that comesfrom that, monetarily speaking.Hey, I don't even have Google AdWordsor the YouTube ad revenue on like 95% of the videos.So, it's not like I'm even getting moneyfrom that point of view, so I'm not sayingthat you have to just go straight up hardcore,but be aware.Don't walk through life in this attitude of thinkingthat you're entitled to somebody else's timeto give you something in return.Because you're not gonna do that,and if you would do that then you're not being very wisewith your time in the first place.So just realize that, don't have the attitude of,well I'm not getting anywhere.And if you're not getting anywhereis well I'm not getting anything for free,that's a really bad way to go about thingsin life in general, because there is no such thingas a free lunch if you've heard that saying.And it's very, very true.So, be aware of that and I get it, if you want something,a lot of times, you gotta go throughthis box if you wanna go about it worthwhile.And that's why people pay employees, right?I mean, how long do you think a business is gonna lastif they're saying, hey, hey.Come on.Come this route, come this.No, if they want to get, if they wanna getto where they wanna go,and they need something, something being labor, yeah,they're gonna be doing that box.Because they need to recognize that people's timeis worthwhile, and you need to recognizethat too, and I need to recognize that.So, I mean, I'm talking to myself here too.We all need to be very aware of how we're spendingand how we're using our time.And realizing that time truly is money.If you're out there trading a loan currently,and maybe are in the market looking for a communityto join to assist you in your tradingor to just help you give youanother set of eyeballs, then I do havea private trading community where you can trade alongside meand other experienced traders.So what you see popping up on the screen right nowis both an information link, so if you click onthe inner circle one, that is gonna take youto the page where I explain all the detailsof what exactly come with the community,both the chat room and the newsletter.And then the other image that has popped upis a behind-the-scenes tour where you can see exactlywhat is going to be contained within the community.I take you through, like I said, a behind-the-scenes tourof everything, and that way you'll know,precisely, what you are getting when you join.So definitely check that stuff out if you are interestedand thinking about wanting to join a communityand let me know if you have any questions.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader