The life of a day trader who trades online is not always rainbows and butterflies. Sometimes there are going to be those storm clouds that roll in and sour the party. Day trading stocks online is hard and anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar. A bold statement, but it’s true. With all that being said, an encouraging part of being a day trader and working to develop a valid strategy is you don’t need to be perfect in order to make money. Just because a trade does not really work does not mean you lose money. There will be days where the market makes you look and feel like a genius. It will seem as though you can do no wrong. Then there will be days like what you see in this video of my personal day trading results. The market just refuses to “play ball” with you and it is what it is. The only thing you can full control over as a day trader is your risk so that’s what you’ll need to focus on. Let me show you what I mean!

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