If you’re looking to expand the financial products you trade, consider SPX options! Let me be upfront, SPX options are not for those with no discipline or desire to control risk. Options in general are a very powerful and profitable asset to trade; however, as is always the case, this is a two sided coin. While it is true options trading can quickly grow your trading account, it can also quickly drain it to zero! If you are someone who is focused on managing risk and treating the trading game as a business (opposed to a casino), then let me show you what trading SPX options looks like. This does not mean you need to trade them like I do, but, it’ll at least give you some insight to how they move and function. I’ve enjoyed my journey through SPX options and believe you should consider them too! Let’s take a look at SPX option trading as I captured some of my personal option trading results, live, on video!

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