One of the keys to day trading successfully is finding those opportunities that require immediate action. You must have faith in your stock strategy to take action when the set-up requires you to do so. For many beginner day traders, their confidence level is often low about their strategy because they are constantly filled with hesitation and not taking the stock trades that would be giving them quick profit. This is not a bad thing at first when you are a beginner; however, you need to make it a goal to develop the confidence to take action when you need to. If you are always hesitating, that tells me that you do not actually have true faith in your trading strategy. Sure, you may be telling yourself you have faith in your strategy, but when your actions do not match up with your thoughts, there is a clear disconnect. Let me show you the power of being able to act quickly as a trader and just how fast the money can be made. But always remember, day trading is hard and requires a whole lot of study and work, so don’t think these types of results will happen overnight!