If you are not aware of this fact, you probably have not yet traded with real money. What is this fact: we all have voices in our head. I’m aware that usually this statement is reserved for crazy people; however, day trading stocks online can very tricky turn people crazy! One of the biggest areas that beginner day traders underestimate trading is when it comes to how large a role emotions play. Most beginners (and rightfully so) believe it’s all about what broker, platform, scanners, etc. are being used to find and execute trades. Don’t get me wrong, those dynamics play an important role is creating consistent day trading success; however, they are not the biggest factors. You need to ensure that you have an understanding of the voices. They will never leave you alone, but if you are at least aware of them, you’ll be better prepared how to deal with them. Let me show you an experience I had with a “voice” that ALL day traders will experience from time to time in their journey. Let’s get to it.

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