I believe in broad goals as a day trader. Severely specific goals can cause more harm than good; however, that’s a video for another day! One of my broader and generalized goals is hitting $500 profit on the day. If I can do so in 30 minutes or less, even better! In this video, you’ll see several online day trades of mine where I am trading stocks to try and accomplish my goal. There are no guarantees in the world of the stock market, therefore, as day traders you never know if you’ll be getting a paycheck or not. Day trading is hard. There is nothing easy about it and developing the skill takes time and persistence. To those that are willing to put in the required time and dedication, the upside potential in my opinion is well worth it. Let me show you what it’s like to be a day trader and give you some, real life, examples of what it will be like as a day trader as you attempt to accomplish your overall goals.

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