One of the most popular questions I hear from those thinking about becoming day traders is in regards to “is the time worth it?”. I admire this question. It shows the person cares about their time and is attempting to value it as efficiently as possible. Hopefully I’m stating the obvious when I say, “ day trading is not a get rich quick scheme or magic pill” endeavor. If you want to learn and develop the skill of day trading it will require an immense amount of effort and dedication from you. You still may be wondering though, “if I put in this amount of effort, what is the potential end result?” Will it be worth your time? I have no idea! I don’t know what your standard of living is or what value you personally assign to your time. The best I can do is show you some of my personal day trading results to illustrate what is possible in one hour. You’ll need to decide if you believe this would be worth it. To be fair, what you see in this video many would laugh at. Many would say, “you are terrible at trading! you should stop!”. So yes, what you see as the end results in this video can be even higher! But, remember… with the higher rewards come the higher risks also! I’ve found a day trading strategy that fits my personal risk tolerance and you’ll need to do the same! Let me show you some of my day trading results I captured live on video.

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