A day trader reality that many don’t like to talk about is this: some days you will NOT be a great trader. It does not mean you don’t have a quality day trading strategy or that anything is broken, it’s just the nature of the market. Whether you are a day trader in the stock market or crypto market, some days you just won’t quite be able to put all the pieces together. This fact is never fun to talk about as it makes the person look lousy, but oh well… I’m not only going to talk about it and share with you beginner day traders, but show you! If you are new to my channel, I record myself day trading in the stock market and share the results with you the viewers. Some days, I make some really crazy amounts of money in short amounts of time; however, that can not happen every day. As much as I would love to sit here and tell you that you’ll always be a great trader and make money every day in the market, that’d be a lie. None of us are perfect and the sooner you realize that some days you won’t be great, the sooner you’ll learn to accept the fact and stay confident in your day trading strategy, no matter what it is. Let me show you the results of me having a not so great day!

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