While there are lots of debates and opinions out there surrounding stock halts, the one common ground all day traders can agree upon is this: they’re pretty crazy! The crazy can arise in several ways, but when a stock is halted (meaning, it literally stops trading for a period of time), you just never know what to actually expect. In this video you’ll see a stock that was halted already, and then once it started to trade again… WOW! I don’t want to ruin anything (I want you to watch the video!), but I’ll tell you it was some of the craziest action I’ve ever seen (and I’ve been day trading since 2006!). As a beginner day trader, I would say to avoid these sorts of situations due to their extremely unpredictable nature. If you are going to attempt to trade them, then please be extra cautious and error on the side of being conservative with entry and exit points within your trade plan. Ready for some crazy? Let’s get to it!

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