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The morning’s trading action started off very quickly allowing for some fast money to be made. Sometimes though, the stock market feels like annoying you and that’s exactly what happened after I experienced a hiccup during a trade. I was not very happy about it, but it is what it is. At the end of the day, your’e not the boss… the stock market is… so take what the market allows. $BPTH $TROV $SEEL $AAPL $CRON $ACB $TLRY $FB $NFLX $TSLA

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Good morning it is Clay at claytrader.comThis will be a live trade video where I try tocapture some of my trades as they unfold live.Still pre-market right now butthere's some movers out there;TROV as you can see right now just absolutely exploded.Whether or not I take a trade on it not sure.If I don't do any pre-market trading,I'll just see you back at the open.Alright, I have an order down hereat 801 for a thousand shares, looking for thepullback here and I just got, wow, that was fast.Alright well you saw $170 and.I need to stop talking let's go 775.So $170 in literally a micro-second,as fast I could click to get out.Actually, just noticed something.So I need to go to 751 for a thousand shares.(clicking)(typing)(typing)Yes you do hear typing that is just memaking an alert to the chatroom.Okay well good, caught that $170 tradein like I said a micro-seconds.I'm not gonna complain about that.Okay there's the break of 8..Still got a way to go before 751 ...But that's the break I was looking for.It's trying, I'll keep a close eye on it;but I will pause for... NUH I'll keep it going now.In 751 for my first thousand shares.Okay, I'm in.... (clicking)Looking like I might be able toget some more here ...Let's see what it wants to do.Does it want to get up through 760 or not?762, definitely some sellers sitting there.So there you we are, out there.(clicking)But I need to stop talking and we'll startto process again down at 701, so 701 next.Let's see it is officially 5 minutes in andI'm up $310 I'm very happy with that.Alright, I have an order at 675, I moved it down.As you've seen this one is quite the fast mover,so looking like we might get the break there.There is the break, I'm getting 675.Okay, hesitated, that was the movement I was lookingfor so lets go to 651 instead.So 651 (clicking)and lets.. see ifthis pullback wants to go just a tad bit more.I'll keep a close eye on it, I'll keep it going.Here we go... Oh it's just.....Oh it stopped right above me, lowest 653, alright.Go to 625 then. (clicking)So 625 ... (typing)Let's see if we can get a nicedramatic break of the 650 mark.While it's bouncing there I guess that makes me feel better,that I never would have been filled anyways at 651.So I was 2 cents away but lets see if thispullback wants to keep on going.All right, looking for an entry point of 437.Nice... Got those.Let's see what this one wants to do,if it's going to allow me to get some more.Actually it's looking like the halt may be arriving.Yeah, this things gonna get halted again.(clicking)No and its not even gonna let me out.So there is a trade halt... (sighing)Only 500 shares on a $4 stock.So not terribly worried at all but lets see howthis one now, errr, now plays out.I will keep you updated. Still halted.I'm thinking it might be opening up relatively soon.I will keep an eye on it.Right, I'm just, uh, try to get out at 415.Not play any games with it or anything.Um, again still waiting to see if its er, whereit's going to open up, but I will continue to watch.So right now my order is at 415,but you can actually see the market is showing 416,but that doesn't actually mean that much.The point being; that's kind of the trickypart of the halt , well now its back to 414.So still just waiting, waiting, waiting.I'll probably miss the exit assuming,unless it goes down below here,cos now its, want to be a guaranteed to get failed.But if this opens up, assuming it's opening up rightaround here, I might miss the exit but I will do my best.Okay, I'll be brutally honest.Nature calls, so I got to go to the bathroom real quick.So if it opens back up while I'm, uh, emptying my bladder,then so be it but, um, we'll see what happens.Aaand, pretty typical, so um, looks like,I ended up getting out, even better at 427so er, only a, er, 50 dollar loss.So how high did it actually go out of curiosity?Let's play the ... 435, I was thinking aboutputting my order at 440 and that may still work out,but for a little bit more context,it is Friday and there it was right there.It would have been okay, woulda, should, coulda.Good old hindsight but its Friday,I mean, its just not worth the toying around,or playing games or anything like that.I've had a good week and er, just, there's,a little bit too much uncertainty,again 500 shares in a 4 dollar stock.I mean, okay that's nothing crazy,and as I'm watching right there, let's see.So, 447, I would have been perfectly fine,but no point in risking games or anything like that.So let's see it is slightly over 45 minutes,on a Friday, I'm still up $260,I'm not aware of many places in the worldwhere you can make $260 on a Friday in45 minutes from working at home,as I sit here in my pajamas, um.So I'm not complain about it,I'm not gonna go out there and try to revengetrade that $50 back or anything.It is what it is, maybe just start my weekend earlier.Actually, that's a lie, I have to record a podcastwith a guest but uh, regardless,point being, no need to let thingsspin out of control; especially on a Friday,and do something that might ruin,you know, your entire weekend.So that is it; Um.Capture three trades, a losing one.Uh, but, um If you enjoy this video,I'm trying to think if there was any other littlelearning points I wanted to make but I think I conveyed,err, the overall arching principal,but if you do enjoy these videos, the live trades,and you want me to keep making them;the easiest way to communicate that to me is:to click that like button and then subscribe to the channel.Lots of other videos on the channel besides theselive trade videos so check that out.If you're interested in trading along side me and othertraders; then you can do that via the chatroom and thenewsletter service I offer called the "Inner Circle".That is just $99 per year, if you do the math,it breaks down to $8.25 per month.If you really do the math and break it down to per week;it's a $1.90 per week so check that out.Just go to: Claytrader.comThen if you wanna learn how to,more so trade with charts and you know,build plans and strategies and er,approach the market with technical analysts at the forefrontthen again go to: claytrader.comI offer online courses on how to do all that.But if nothing else and er you don't want to spend a dime,that's okay but if you do enjoy the videos,then just click that like button,subscribe to the channel and I'll see you back(clicking)One of the biggest questions I get is:Hey Clay, how do you find the stocks that you trade?So what I've done is put together a free resource guide,where I talk about the tools that I useto locate stocks that I find interestingand think may have potential.So if that sounds like something that could addvalue to you as a trader then click on the imagethat is up on the screen right nowand I will email you the guide.The guide itself is very short and to the pointand best part, its completely free.Thanks for watching the video,let me know if you have any questions.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader