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I love to make money, don’t get me wrong, but there is just an added bonus (that’s hard to describe) when you know fellow members are making money in the stock market right alongside you. Thanks to the power of using technical stock charts and analysis, members of the community received some profitable alerts and chart set-ups. If you are looking for some additional help in your trading, then let’s go, sign up today!

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Hey, it's Clay at ClayTrader.com.This will be the weekly review of the power profit scannewsletter, which is part of the subscription servicethat I offer at the site, and the other partthat comes with it is a live chat room,but this area, I don't want to say gets forgotten about,but it is another area of the subscription,and I want to just kind of give you a look behind the scenesand go over some past results and hopefully in going oversome past results, not only answer some questionsyou may have, but also maybe even just turn thisinto a little miniature learning exercise, too.Couple quick disclosures, first off,am I trying to imply that every alert that I makeis some sort of money making huge win?Absolutely not, in fact if you've watched this video seriesin the past, you know I've shown plenty of losersand all that.The main point here that I'm trying to get acrossis why risk management is so important,because I will be the first to admit yeah,there's losing alerts that are made,and I've shown those in the past,but this is why risk management is so important,because yeah, losses happen, everybody has losses,nobody is perfect, but if you do the proper risk management,then while losses happen, wins also happen,and when those wins do indeed happen which you're aboutto see here, in fact this week was a very, very good week,those wins are going to take careof those losses assuming, of course,you manage the risk and keep those losses under control.Second part is we are going back to the week of 12/24.Why are we going back so far, that's a valid question.Two reasons, first, it's given the chartplenty of time to play out,and then second, it's just a matter of being fair.If you were to pay for this, and then all of a sudden,you see this stuff out publicly for everybody for free,I'd imagine you'd feel kind of ripped off in a sense,and I'd say yeah that's a justified feeling.So it's just a matter of giving enough timefor things to play out and being fair, so let's get started.And I should not what you see here is behind the scenes.After you were to log into your account,you could access all the scans right here,or I do email them out, so you know, it's just a matterof whatever makes your life easiest.First one we are going to cover is what I threw intothe pullback play category, ticker symbol TYME,and as you can see here, I noted how there wasan overall uptrend, but recently there had beenthis pullback and then you got an interesting candlewith some good solid volume.So I decided to throw it on there and see if thiswas potentially the bottom of this little pullback.But real quickly, hey Clay, one of the common questionsI get, what sort of prices do you cover?Just take note of the prices.Right now we're talkin' about a sub-five dollar stock.To answer your question, I cover price, I don't really careabout price, I care about probabilities.What do I mean, well if I think there is more probabilitiesthat it will succeed as opposed to not succeeding,that's what I care about.I care about the high probability trade setupsand not necessarily the price.So there's the chart goin' into the week.These newsletters are always sent out on the weekend,that way you have plenty of time to prepand put together any sort of, kind of plan of attack,if you will.So the next candle you will see will be after the weekendis over, so let's see how this one played out.Right there, nothing crazy, so plenty of opportunityif members wanted to get in as, hop into the stock,and then right there, just absolutely a nice solid day,pulled back some, went back up again,and then also maybe pulled back,but that move right there was good for 21.7%.Now am I saying members played it perfectlyfor 21.7%, but as I do pretty much every week,let's say that they screwed up half the trade.Well half the trade, that's still giving youabout a 10% move, and a 10% move in the matter at,let's see, one, two, three, four days, not too bad.If you need some perspective, walk into your local bank,your local credit union, and say excuse me ma'am,excuse me sir, I would like 10% returnon my money in four days,and take out your phone and record their reaction.I'm very curious to how they would react if you wereto tell your local bank or any bank reallythat you would like 10% return on your money in four days.Like I said, record their reaction.So nice movement here and really, like I said,10%, that assumes that you screwed up half the trade.15% was more than realistic, but you get the point.Let's move on to the next one.For the next alert, just I kind of createdthe category history repeat, and the main point being,as I noted here, that the last time the pricewas down around this 9.50 area, you can see,got the nice bounce up, and once again,the price had returned down to this 9.50 area,so it was just kind of a question of hey,is this price gonna, is history gonna repeat itself,so let's see if it did or not.And once again, keep an eye on the price.Now we're talkin' about a stock that's just shyof the ten dollar mark.So we were just talking about a stock below five dollars,now we're talkin' about a basically a ten dollar stock.So again, this was the chart going into the weekend,so the next candle you see will be when the weekend was overand the first trading day of the week,so let's see how this one played out.Again, nothing crazy, but plenty of opportunity right thereto get in, now as far as the calculations,I am not basing calculations off of the factthat people nailed it at the exact bottom.I'm not doin' that, that's a little too optimistic,so I'm being more conservative, but you can see thereafter that first day, nice move up, secondary opportunityfor people to potentially get in, but nothing crazy.It's not like it flushed down words or anythingwhere it would have stopped people out.So just good, solid movement there,spiked up, continue to spike up and look at that move,very nice, and that brought about a total potential moveof 32.9%, once more am I saying people played itabsolutely perfectly, no, but we'll go withthe you screwed up half the trade,well screwin' up half the trade is still 15, 16%in the matter of a couple weeks.Again, go into your bank, excuse me ma'am,excuse me sir, I would like 16% return on my moneyin the next two weeks, they're gonna tell youwell we have bank CDs available for 2.5% for three years.So, keep things in perspective.Is that some sort of triple digit gain, no,but a very, very nice return especially when you're talkingabout these price stocks where there's plentyof liquidity and you can make a nice trade on it.The next one to look at hereis just breakout coming type category, and then ticker CLD.At this point, keep in mind the price.Now we're talkin' about a stock that is down below a dollar,right around the 53 cent mark when this was alerted,but really nothing fancy here, big volume.And then I put the tread line into place here,and I'll be honest, this is my favorite exampleof all examples because it really does showthe power of charts.Am I sitting here saying that technical analysis chartsare an absolute magical and perfect tool,no, there's no such thing as a perfect toolwithin the market, but technical analysis,the use of charts, technical trading, quote, unquote,it's definitely a tool that should bein your trader tool belt, and again,is it the holy grail, is it the be all end all,I'm not sayin' that, but when I seeand I know people don't factor in technical analysis at all,it just, here's an example just the power of charts.So before we see how things unfold, just keep an eyewhere the tread line is, you will noticethat I do not adjust that tread line at all.There is no magic going on, it is where it is,and just keep that in mind, and also keep in mindthat this is why watch lists are important,this is why watch lists exist, because as much as I wishI could say that every single alert that is madegives results within four days, like that first one,or a week or a couple weeks like that second one,sometimes you just gotta watch.Sometimes you just gotta wait,that's just part of trading, building watch listsand watching the watch lists.So let's see how this one plays out.So you can see right there just not even closeto a breakout of that tread line, in fact,the price actually pulls back and then gets even nastier.So at this point, yeah, it's not lookin' like any sortof breakout would occur, so you just put iton the watch list and you kind of just watch it,right, that's the point, and you can see, yeah,time continues to play out, things get that much nastier,and then the price starts to head back up.Okay, it's nearing the range, and look at that,you saw, I did not move the tread line at all.It went up, and look, right, once again,where it was rejected, right at that tread line.But okay, so you're still watching, you're still watching,I'm not debating the fact that yeah,compared to the other ones, this one actuallyis taking a while, but right there, finally got the break.So right there at 35 cents, not only does it breakabove it, it just starts to go sideways,works its way through it.Took a while but you can see right herea very clear breakout sideways, price action,and then right there, it finally came inand that equated to 40% move.Even if you played it halfway right, 20%,sure that took a while, but going back to the bank analogy,20% move, 30% move in the matter of a month,and like I said, feel free to walk in a local bank,excuse me I'd like 30% in the next month.They'll tell ya, well we have 2.5% on a CDfor the next three years, but 30% in a month,still a very nice play, but overall just goesto show the power of charts and tread linesand all that good stuff.Final alert we'll go over here isin the category is there some sort of bounce comingfor ticker symbol ACHN, and as I say here,I mean this price just gotten beaten up,look at that, all caps, price has gottenjust totally destroyed, and then all of a sudden,the volume kicked in, so I hm, let's see what happens,was this some sort of bottom, is there a bounce coming?So here is the chart, and once again, price wise,now we're right around $1.50 stock, so prices all overthe board from ten dollars down to below a dollar.So let's see how this one played out.Right there, nothing crazy but gave people plentyof opportunity to potentially get a position.Right there, another day for members to get a position.Another day, so a little bit of patience required here.Then things start to wake up and look at that,beautiful, beautiful, look at that thing, just completebounce, a little consolidation, and it keeps workin'its way up there and that resulted in a 74.3% profit window.So even if you only got, if you screwed up half the trade,35%, not too bad at all, and that implies, like I said,you screwed up half of the trade.So a beautiful bounce, and it all startswith technical analysis, it all starts with the toolof charts and understanding and all that good stuff,but yeah, members, plenty of opportunity,just a great, great week for members of the community.So if you would like to join the community,you can do that right there at ClayTrader.com/innercircleor you can just go to ClayTrader.com and there's a linkor the section on the site inner circle,and if you're watching this on YouTube,I'll put a link down in the description section.So what all do you get?Well you can pause and read everything if you want.We just went over the newsletter here,but there is also a live trading chat room,and there's the mobile app also,so it's not like you have to stay chainedto your computer or anything to stay in touch.You can stay in touch no matter where you are at,and as far as the price, 99 dollars.Not 99 dollars per week, not 99 dollars per month,not per quarter, per year.If you want to do that math even further,it breaks down to $8.25 per month,or if you want to break it down even further,how much does it cost me per week, $1.90.How much are you spending on coffee,how much are you spending on fill in the blank per week,that's below $1.90.Everybody can afford it, it's more than fair,the price is definitely fair, and as I say,every week, and I'm gonna continue to say 'cause it'sthe truth, over the time span of 12 months,I'm more than confident you'll getat least 99 dollars worth of value.Not necessarily settin' the bar too high,but you know the price keeps out the pumpers,the price keeps out the trolls, and it providesa very, very solid environment and community,so I hope you decide to give it a try.If you do have any questions,let me know down in the comments section,get a hold of me on social media, send me an email,whatever makes your life easier to get a hold of me,I'd love to answer any questions you might have,and yeah, sign up, let's get started.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader