Thanks to social media and message boards, MEMES in general have made their way into the explosive world of the stock market. If you are a beginner in the stock market and still at the 101 stage, these types of stocks are known as “MEME Stocks”. This stocks have become pretty famous as they begin to make mainstream news headlines, and rightfully so, they’ve made many of their early investors a whole lot of money and profit! With that all being said, while there are plenty of “good” that come with the MEME stocks, you need to be very aware of the “bad” that also arises. It’s very hard for beginner day traders to listen to this type of advice because, why should they? They’ve just made lots of money, so why would they think they’ve done anything wrong with their investment? It’s a very tricky teaching territory to tread on, but I’ll do my best and hopefully point out some big considerations that need to be made within your personal trading strategies and systems.

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