Let’s talk about my four favorite technical charts and more importantly, a free way to set them up! One of the most important jobs a trader has is to provide themselves with as much context as possible in regards to the trade they are about to make. You are playing a very risky game if your strategy lacks the ability to give you multiple angles of information. We are not gamblers, we are traders. What’s the difference? Traders have the ability to take information and then tilt it in their favor to give themselves a “likely” edge. I wish I could say it was a guaranteed edge, but I can’t. The good news is that all we need as traders is some kind of statistical edge to begin to cause our account to grow. This edge is coming from the information we collect so we need to ensure that we are not short changing ourselves when it comes to this task. Many traders understand this, which is great, but I often get the question what technical charts am I using within my trading? Which technical charts would I recommend to give someone the best chances of success? And then from the very practical world of implementing these charts, how can they set them up in a productive manner? I will answer all these questions in the video so let’s get to it!

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