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Let me share with you my to two stock brokers that I would recommend for day trading stocks. If you are just getting started in the stock market, one of the key tools you will need to buy and sell stocks is an online broker/app. The quality of your broker is an important attribute when it comes to the success you will have performing your day trading stock strategy. You could have the best stock trading system in the world; however, if your online broker is not very good, your strategy will quickly become limited in what it can accomplish. Let me be completely transparent though, the most important thing to making money online trading stocks is your knowledge and understanding of how to trade. You must learn how to day trade stocks with discipline before you even focus on an actual broker. Assuming though you do know how to trade and want to begin your journey with real money trades, then I run a side-by-side comparison of two online brokers that I believe can bring you great success.