Non-Fungible Tokens (otherwise known as “NFT’s”) are an ever growing section of the online digital world. While many have heard of the blockchain and cryptocurrency at this point, NFT’s are still something many are not very familiar with. If you are a beginner and have zero idea about NFT’s, then perfect, this quickly online class will give you a firm foundation of understanding. What is an NFT? Why does an NFT have value? What gives the NFT it’s value? I will cover these questions and a few others in the quest of guiding you to a firm foundation of this digital asset. To respect your time, if you are someone who already knows the basics of NFT’s and does not need anything explained in that regard, but rather, you are looking for more advanced NFT investing and trading strategies, this won’t be for you. If you would classify yourself as a total beginner to NFT’s and are just getting started, then perfect, this guide will be for you!

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