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When you are new and first getting started in trading, the most important thing you must do is have realistic expectations of how trading and the markets actually work. As you’ll see… this person does NOT have practical goals or expectations.

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Time to keep expectations in line with reality.(whooshing)There's no quicker way to fail.There's no quicker way to just give upthan to go into a situation with expectationsand a false sense of how things actually are,what's possible, what's just realistic.If you go into things thinking that something is possiblewhen it's really not,you're just gonna either get frustrated,you're gonna do something really stupid,or you're just gonna flat out think,okay, I've been misled and this is all a gimmick.This is a, so I'm done.The point of this is just to really kind of set some thingsin stone as far as what you should be expectingas you get involved in trading.Now, I'm assuming that for the most, most of you,you're gonna look at this and say, yeah, that's,but you never know.There are some people out there that maybe,and this person is younger,so if you're a younger viewer and you're not quite sure,okay, yeah, I understand what the stock market is,I understand what the financial markets are,but if I put my money into them,how does it actually work from a practical standpoint?That's what I just wanna make sure everybody'son the same page.Let's get to this comment that came in through the website."How do I know where my niche is when it comes to investing,"because I'm a teenager and my goal is"to turn my monthly allowance into 500% of it"by investing it into the right stuff."I don't know how to start, though."First off, that is awesome.I am jealous of you that you are a teenager,you already know what the markets are,you're already going down this path.I didn't know what the markets were until I was in collegeand yeah, I was not a teenager anymore,so for you to be interested this early in life, well done.That's great and I am certainly jealous of you.I wish I would've knownabout this stuff a little bit sooner.With that being said, 500%, you are on another planet.That's not how the market works.Now, could you make 500%?Yeah, I suppose you could,but the habits you would use to do that,meaning pretty much probably going all inon something very, very speculativeand then just happening to be right, those are habits.That's what we would call fools goldor even if it did work out,you'd be thinking, oh, wow, I'm really good at thisand then this is how I should go about it,and then it'll bite you and all those gains will go,kinda, see you later, so 500%, possible, yes.Practical, realistic, you're going in with the wrong mindsetif that's where your goals are.Your goals right now should just be to learnin a structured manner about what to doin the sense of let's make sure that I am focused on risk.Managing risk, controlling the risk, and I get it.That may not sound as exciting as let's focus on the wins,let's focus on growing money,but risk and risk management is what trading,is what investing is all about.Given your age, where do you start?You gotta just start at the baselineof focusing on risk and how to go about(stammering) having trade plans, having investment plansthat circle around that.The main point here is 500% monthlyor even if it was a year, that's just an insane number.Like I opened up the video,I realize the majority of you, you probably realize that,but just in case you are a teenager like this personor younger and you're not quite sure,I'm telling you right now, 500% if that's your goal,if that's your baseline, if that's your ambition,I mean I get it.The cliches and sayings out there,hey, shoot for the stars, all that sort of stuff.Yeah, I get it, 500%, that's shooting for the stars,but that's just not a realistic, practical possibilitythat would actually give you any sort of good habitsbecause, again, sure, it could happen,but the habits that would form are gonna come backand bite you in the long run.Yeah, 500%, not gonna happen.If you are out there trading alone currentlyand maybe are in the market looking for a community to jointo assist you in your trading or to just help you,give you another set of eyeballs,then I do have a private trading communitywhere you can trade alongside meand other experienced traders.What you see popping up on the screen right nowis both an information link,so if you click on the inner circle one,that is going to take you to the pagewhere I explain all the detailsof what exactly come with the community,both the chatroom and the newsletter,and then the other image that has popped upis a behind-the-scenes tour where you can see exactlywhat is going to be contained within the community.I take you through, like I said,a behind-the-scenes tour of everythingand that way you'll know precisely what you are gettingwhen you join.Definitely check that stuff out if you are interestedand thinking about wanting to join a community.Let me know if you have any questions.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader