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Penny Stock Boom and Shorting for the Win

There were a variety of ways money could have been made for members of my subscription service via these scans I sent out. A penny stock exploded for some quick gains and there was also an opportunity to make money from a falling price via “going short”. The more flexible and knowledgeable you are as a trader, the more opportunities you will have.

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Hey it's Clay, and this will be the weekly reviewof the Power Profit Scan Newsletter,which is a portion of the subscription service I offer.There's also a live trading room,but then you get the newsletter that is sent out,and you know, part of the newsletteris just various set ups as you're about to see.Before I get started though, wanna map out a few things.First what you're looking at hereis behind the scenes, so when you log intoyour member portal through the account,you can just go straight to the scans here.They are also emailed to youso it's just whatever makes your life easier,that's the idea behind offering itin a couple different places.And then first, disclosure wise,am I trying to imply that every single alert and scanthat I send out is some, you know, winner,and there's money raining down from the sky?Unfortunately no, I can't make that guarantee.I can't make that promise, but nobody can.No scan, no trader is perfect.But what it does illustrate is that winners happen.And when I say that I say because winners happen,well losses also do happen,and that's why you need to keep your losses under control.That's why you need to be a disciplined trader.That's why you need to be able to focusand understand how to properly analyze and implementrisk control measures, because while losses do happen,like I said, winners happen.So when those winners do happen,you wanna make sure you know how,and have your account in a place where's it's gonna benefitfrom those winners, whereas, you know,if you take some sort of massive loss,well then a winner's nice, yeah,but you know, your account is still gonna be very choppyif you're not, you know,managing the losses in the first place.But losses happen, yes, but winners also happen.So if anything, hopefully you take away the importanceof risk management.Second, we are going back a waysinto the history of things and gonna look at 12 17 18.Why you going back so far?That's a valid question, just this first off,simply give the chart plenty of time to have played out.So now we know what's happened,and then second just a matter of being fair.You know, if you had paid for somethingand all of a sudden you see it out thereon the internet for free,you'd probably feel a little bit ripped off,and you would be justified in that feeling.So those are the two reasons why we are going back so far.So let's get to it.A few more notes before we, you know, start herewith this first scan that was sent out.This is sent out, this being the scans, every weekendon Saturday, usually Saturday morning,but that vary a little bit.But they are sent out over the weekendso that you have plenty of time to put something togethertrade plan wise and you know, just analyze the chart.It's not like it comes out and then you haveonly two minutes to make a decision.Nothing like that, and then the other component to watchis just simply the price.Hey Clay, that's a common question I get,Clay, what sort of prices are you covering here?And as I always say, I'll cover anything.If I like the setup and I think that the setuphas some maybe probabilities in our favor of success,then I'll cover it.Price is very, very far down the list.You know for this one we're talking about a stockthat is sub $3, so with those things out of the way,you can see here,through this end of the Panic Play category,ticker symbol ALQA and just a matter of yeah it gapped up,yeah it had volume, but you know,you don't wanna chase or anything like that,so let's see if the price could potentially pull backto right around that 225 ish area,so let's see how this one played out.So again, this is what you would've sawin going into the weekend, so the next candle that you seewill be on that Monday of the new week,so let's see how this one played out.So you can see right there on Mondaythe price actually pulled back, and the low was at 226,so essentially bounced right off of that 225 ish area.Let's see how it played out from that point.Next day, gapped up as high as $2 and,let's see what what the high of that,$2.62, so you know, there was actuallya good solid amount of room here for a potential trade.Because I mean if you think about,and I don't know the calculations right offhand,but if you got in right around the 225 ish area,and it went up over 250, which it did,that's a good little you know,profit window percentage wise.Now looking at the chart, it doesn't look it barely moved,but you gotta keep in mind when you're, you know,below a $3 stock, that was a good percentage move.But for whatever reason, I just wanna say,let's say you just, you didn't take any profits,you didn't sell, you didn't do anything.So I'm definitely erring on the side of you know,just kinda making some bad assumptions on your part,like I said I would like to think thatat least some profits would've been taken.But nothing has occurred,so let's see what since happened from there.You can see the price now just falls and falls,and things get pretty nasty there,all the way down to the $1.73 mark.So just keep that in mind, this, you know,turned out to be a losing trade, quote unquoteif like I said, that's kind of a, like I said,I'm making a little assumptions there,but let's just say it was a losing trade,but you know what, you kept it disciplined,and you didn't let anything spin out of control.It's not like you sold all the way down here at the bottom,for you know, some sort of maximum loss or anything.But you just kept it under control, so yeah.ALQA by no means was some sort of massive winner,even if it, you know, you were able to pull a win out it,it wouldn't a been a huge one,but for this, for educational sake,let's just assume that yeah,ya had to take a small discipline loss on it,but let's now keep on moving to the next one.The next scan here was for ticker symbol PENN,and this was a channel pattern.And this one's a little unique in the sense ofyou were, I actually threw up some notesthat would've allowed you to make moneyfrom either direction.So I say right here it could also be a short sided tradeif the price continuesto the downside of the current channel.If you're new, what is short sided, what does short mean?Short just simply means you make moneywhen the price goes down.If a price goes down and you are short,you are making money.That may sound really weird, but that's what it means,and what is possible within the market.Now the lessons that can be taken away from this one,is when you do short, when you have that abilityin your tool belt, it opens up your world of flexibility.'Cause when you stop and think about it,really you can only make money as a trader 50% of the time.If you can only make money by prices going up,well then, okay, but if you can make prices alsowhen prices go down,you've literally doubled your flexibility.You now have two options instead of one.And that's very, very powerful,and that's, you know, what I wanted to throw out herewas that yeah it is, you know,a channel that's working its way upwards,but if it does fall to the downside,you could still make money on it from the short side.Again going short just means making moneywhen prices go down.So let's see how this one played out.So here is that channel pattern,and what it looked like going into the new week.So let's see how this one played out.Right away on Monday it, it being the price,did not waste any time,broke to the downside of that channel.So let's say you had the ability to go short,and you went short,so meaning now we wanna see the price fall,and if the price falls, and goes down,that means that you're still making money.So let's see how this one played out.Nasty day right there, things continue to fall.Things continue to fall, and then bottom was reachedright there, and that was for a gain of, whoops,fell off the screen there, 23.1%.It did bounce back, but still plenty ofa profit window right there.Now am I saying somebody made 20...Played it perfectly, I'm not saying that.But let's say that somebody played it half right.That's still right around 11 1/2 cents.I mean so 11 1/2 cents, or 11.5%, excuse me,that's a nice little trade for basicallya week or so of a trade.So very, very nice move there,but the point here, the learning lesson isyou would've had zero opportunity at this,if you're no I'm not gonna short,I only wanna make money if prices go up.I mean I, that's your prerogative,but just know that you're literally handcuffing yourselfand removing a whole bunch of flexibilityfrom one way up to two ways, that is 100% increase, right?If you double, that 100%.So you can 100% increase your flexibility as a traderif you decide to start to learn how to short,and put that into your trader tool belt.And here's a great example of it.And finally, you know, with this big gain here,assuming you took the controlled losson that first one that we talked about,this one would've easily taken care of those losses,and you know, put the, your account, you know,taking, you know, wiped away the lossesand put your account ahead.And then the final one to talk aboutis UBQU, this was a penny stock,and simply a volume alert, as I alerted down here.Just absolutely a massive volume,biggest volume that I had seen in a very long time.And yeah, price wise to go back to that first point,now we're talking about a stock that's at 0013.I forget to mention the price of PENN,the one we just looked at, but that was up in the $20 range.So we've talked about a $20 stock, a $3 stockand now we're talking about a sub penny stock.So like I said, I'm not,I mean I'll pay attention to the pricebut there's a lot of other, you know,of things that I'm more concerned about.So as far as well what sort of price range will I get?You'll get probabilities,in terms of you know, what I thinkmay be a high probability setup to produce a winner.But let's see how this one played out.Now I did need to change chart providers here,eSignal, which is what you were seeing,they don't really like penny stocks too much,so now I'm using TradingView here to go through it,so that's why the change here.But so this is what the chart looked likewhen it was alerted, let's see how it played out.Not very long needed to be waited at all.On Monday, the price made a huge move up,so I'm not, I'm not assuming that you, you know,you nailed the bottom or anything like this.My calculations are based off of you know,and entry point down around here.So it's not like yeah, I'm saying you absolutelynailed the bottom for these calculations.I'm trying to be as conservative as possible.But the next day it was not done, it continued,it gapped up and spiked at much morefor total profit window of 115% before,you know, as a penny stock, it collapsed.Pretty shocking.But again, am I sayingthat anybody played it absolutely perfectly for 115%?No, but again, let's say you screwed up 50% of the trade.That's still over, you know, a 50% move.So 50% move for essentially two days?You're not gonna get that at your local bank.So definitely a nice move there, but again,it all circles back to keep your losses controlled.You know, keep the risk under control,because losses, it's gonna happen as a trader.But when it does happen, just keep it controlled.Because while losses happen, winners happen.So when these winners do happen,which you've seen here in a couple instances,you know, let those winnerstake care of those losing trades.I hope you found all this helpful,and maybe some sort of educational examples in it too.But if anything, you're thinking well yeah,I wanna join, well great,you can go to claytrader.com/innercircle,or just go to claytrader.com and you findthe Inner Circle tab on the website itself.You get a bunch of other things I mentioned already,but the live trading chatroom is the other big onethat comes with it, so if you wanna trade alongside meduring the day, you know, that's fine,or that's part of it too, and what is more than fine,we'd love to have ya.There is a mobile app too,so it's not like you have to stay chained to your computeror anything like that.You can keep up to date with everything,no matter where you are, and as far as the price,$99 per year.Not per week, not per month, not per quarter, per year.If you break that down even further,as far as the math is concerned,it's $8.25 per month, or if you break it down to,what does that actually cost per week?$1.90, so just set aside your Starbucks Coffee for one day.I'm not saying every week, or everyday you have to,you can no longer drink your Starbucks,but just one day, set aside your Starbuck latte, fratte,batte, whatever those things are called,and you could afford it, so no excuses,and as I always say, over the time span of 12 months,I'm more than confidentyou'll get at least $99 worth of value.So if you have any questions, let me know down below,reach out to me on social media,whatever makes your life easier.And I will do my best to answer any questions you have.But I hope you decide to join us.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader