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Really? Come On…

I tried something new with this piece of mail. I brought in the camera guy and quizzed him on the YouTube comment to see if he could identify…the… “problems”. Let’s see how he did.

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I'm gonna try something new here.I'm gonna bring in the camera guyand we'll see how this goes.It could be an epic failure butyou never know unless you try.I'm gonna look at a YouTube comment hereand it should be really, really abundantly clearabout all the wrong things that are going onand what I want to try is to bring somebodyinto the discussion and kinda quiz them.The camera guy, IT Nate, for those of youin the community, but he does all thebehind the scenes stuff, the websiteand you know, these YouTube videos and all that.He invests for himself, but he's not a trader by any means.He doesn't day trade, he doesn't swing trade.He just, he invests for himself for retirement.So I'm asking somebody, and I don't know.Maybe this is all gonna blow up in my face, we'll see.But I think that these things areso abundantly clear that it's really badand the point here is that if somebody thatdoesn't have any experience in the marketscan identify some of these things as beingreally bad, yet this person is stilldoing it, this just goes to showhow crazy the human mind can be.That somebody goes and does some ofthese things that someone else withno experience identifies as wait, what?At least I hope he's able to identify itbut like I said, I'm guessing here.I'm putting my faith that these things are soglaringly obvious that he's gonna be able to nail it.So you ready to go, Nate?Let's do it.Okay, we hope that the mic's picking him up.So this is the comment I got.I'll just read it all and then I'm gonna ask Nate.Nate the question will be do you see anything wrongwith this, okay? Okay.Okay, hey Clay, first time investor hereand I stumbled across this stock a few days agoand randomly decided to chuck $1000 into it.I made a clean $500 off that and was looking atthe graph and it is currently sitting at around $4.60.Do you think it is a good idea to purchase now or no?Thank you for your time.So, Nate, do you see anything thatstands out to you as being maybe not wise?I stumbled upon.Okay, stumbled upon, so you know, Nate.To me, I'm assuming, and let me know ifI'm gonna try to explain, and if I'm wrong.I'm assuming he mean stumbled upon implies no strategy.If your strategy as a trader is I'm just gonnastumble, oh, there we go, that's probably nota viable long-term strategy, now could you getlucky, could you stumble upon something?Yeah, absolutely.Is that what you meant by stumbled on?Yeah. Just ran--No strategy, okay, so there we go.If your strategy is no strategythat's probably wrong, did you notice anything else?Randomly chucked.Exactly, I was wondering if he was gonnapick up on the word chuck, 'causeto me chuck implies, (grunts) there we go.There's no intention behind it.No accuracy, no I'll just eh whatever.And again, he's not inserting words randomly.He randomly chucked, so it's just like.Okay, again, if you're thinkingwhat's wrong with that, tap thebrakes on your trade and you have majormajor problems, again, this iswhat this person is doing so if thehuman mind, and I realize this is likesuper super far extreme, but if it'sthis extreme, imagine all the gray area thatyour mind could potentially be playingtricks on you, so just keep that in mindand did you notice anything else?I mean, the fact thathe called it a graph was a little.I wonder if he's using like a line chart to trade off with.A graph, that's true, I meanusually they're called charts, tactical charts,But that's a little, I might saythat's nitpicking, did you notice anything else?Just also the fact thathe asks you if he should invest now, but.Yeah, no, exactly, and that's thefinal point that I was wanting to, andyet, now he's asking some randomstranger, now I'm not quite a random random stranger.I have YouTube channels and stuff, but still.I mean, who am I, who am I to this person?Just because I have a bunch of videos and stuffdoesn't mean that I'm gonna have hisbest intentions at heart, I mean, I do andthat's the whole point of this video.I'm not going to go and lead him.If I wanted to, I would lead him to somepenny stock, I would buy some of thispenny stock that has very low volume andthen I would just put up my order up on theoffer and say buy this and hit the offerand it would really be me, the sharer he'sbuying from, and I'd be making anice percentage on it, so that'swhat I would do if I wanted to butthat's just goes to show this person isactually putting themselves in a veryrisky situation where I could easilytake advantage of him, but no.I'm taking advantage of him byproducing content here that hopefullyhe can learn from and that you can learn from.But yeah, to think that he's gone throughall this and now his strategy isI guess maybe he's trying to improve fromstumbling upon something to asking mewhat he should do, you know themarkets are filled with sharks.The markets are filled with wolves andwhen you're just asking peoplemyself included, I mean hey, I put on afriendly smile but like I said, if Iwanted to, that's what I would have doneif I wanted to take full advantage of thesituation is just loaded up on apenny stock with low volume, had himbuy some more and had him go and get into it, butby him getting into it would have beenbuying my shares at a higher price than Ibought for, and I would have walked away witha pretty penny, so you gotta be very verycareful in that regard too, going andasking people on the internet, onYouTube, is not good, signing up forbuy and sell alerts is not good.Now yes, I offer a chatroom that hasalerts, but it is not a matter ofbuy here and then sell here, no it ishey, there's action going on in that stock.Awesome, let me go put my own trade plantogether with it, that's what a true alert isis alerting, kind of hey, there's somefish over there, but it's stillup to you to go and catch those fish over there.So yeah, that is pretty bad, and thenagain my final point here is thatunless this person changes, they'regonna blow up their account, it's going tozero, and then they're gonna explain this toother people, what they were doing, andthese people are gonna, see, thestock market is just a gambler orit's just a casino, anybody thatdoes trading, they're just gamblers.All they do is gamble and thatdrives me nuts, which if you'vewatched other videos, you know that's likeone of my biggest pet peeves andI hope it's one of your biggest pet peeves.Have you ever had somebody, you tell 'emyou're trading the markets and they're likehoo, you know, that's kinda, that's gambling.The stock market is a casino, it's gambling.Well yeah, it can be treated like acasino like this person is butthat doesn't mean they were actuallydoing it the right way, I meanyou can hit somebody in the face with ahammer, that doesn't mean that thehammer is bad, it just means that it wasbeing used in the wrong way, right?And right now this person is kindausing the hammer to almost hithimself in the face and eventuallyit's gonna knock him out, so yeah.I'm assuming that a lot of this wascommon sense, I mean it was common sense tothe camera guy that doesn't trade at all butchucking money randomly upon stocks youstumbled on and then going and sayingyou know what, my new strategy isI'm just gonna start asking people onthe internet what I should dohopefully you see the problems there.If you are out there trading aloan currently and maybe are in themarket looking for a community to jointo assist you in your trading or to justhelp you, you know, give you anotherset of eyeballs, then I do have aprivate trading community whereyou can trade alongside me andother experienced traders, so what you seepopping up on the screen right now isboth an information link so if youclick on the inner circle one, that isgoing to take you to the page whereI explain all the details of what exactlycome with the community, both thechatroom and the newsletter, and thenthe other image that has popped up is abehind the scenes tour where you can seeexactly what is going to be containedwithin the community, I take you throughlike I said a behind the scenestour of everything and that way you'll knowprecisely what you are getting when youjoin, so definitely check that stuff outif you are interested and thinking aboutwanting to join a community andlet me know if you have any questions.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader