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Results of Lost Logic.

Last week I warned against how when logic slips away, it can set up situations that are less than ideal. In this real life example, logic has clearly slipped away which has led this person to making a 100% false conclusion about a tool that can be used within trading to give an edge.

Watch last week’s video that compliments and sets this video up HERE

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Now if you watched last week's episode,I talked about kind of a loss of logic,and how that can get you into trouble,and just the way things worked out.We're gonna go down that pathway again,so if you want the most relevancyfor this video, you can go backand watch last week's, but if not,the point will still be made.(intensifying swooshes)so in a nutshell, if you did not watch last week's video,I talked about how when logic startsto get blurred, when it starts to get kindof grayed, that's a problem.And no matter what the reasoningfor it, being grayed up in all that is,it doesn't really matter because at the endof the day if you're starting to lose logic,you're gonna start to lose efficiency.You're gonna start to, as you'll see here,jump to wrong conclusions, jump to conclusionsthat, yeah, I get what you, what this person is thinking,what this person is saying, but they're,like I said, they're making jumps in logicthat don't make any sense, and it's givingthem a wrong impression of how tradingand how just the world in general actually works.So of course, this is gonna be revolvingaround trading, but remember, this can alsobe in a play for other areas of your life,where maybe you're making jumps in conclusionthat because they're wrong jumpsin conclusion or jumps in logic,that it's not logic to even begin with.So let's get to this exchange on YouTube.So he says, he is giving wrong information.Technical analysis is not inside information,and it doesn't give you an edge over anyone else,because it's available to everyone.He's probably gonna sell some so-calledstock course at the end.Now this person does make a 100% valid point,and this is where logic starts off strong,but then he kind of makes jumps in logicand he says, you know what?Technical analysis does not give you an edge,it's in no way, shape, or form inside informationin the form of an edge, because it's available to everyone.True, but does everybody use technical analysis?And my answer to that is no.My proof of that is, head to the message boards,head to social media.Head to blogs, head to really kindof just anywhere and seeif everyone uses technical analysis.Is it available, yes.Does everybody use it?Absolutely not, so there's the jumpin logic that just doesn't make any sense,and therefore it's not good logicanymore because, well it falls apart,it doesn't make any sense.And this is a prime example of here,somebody is concluding that technical analysisgives you no edge because it's available to everybody.That's a faulty conclusion.Why does technical analysis work?Now is it perfect?No, I'm not sitting here saying that it's perfect,but here's a news flash, nothing is perfect.There is no holy grail, even Warren Buffethas been wrong and loses money.So there is nothing perfect.But as far as giving you an edge,helping and putting probabilitiesin your favor, the logic, the factthat it is available to everybodydoes not equal, therefore, becauseit's available to everybody, it gives you no edgefor the reason, as I'm kinda beating the dead horse now.Just because it's available to everybody,not everybody uses it.So I hope you see how this person's logichas already been corrupted and now they're makingjumps in logic that make them flat-out wrong,and even wrong to the point wherethey're out here publicly showingto people that anybody that has logicis gonna be yeah, you should probablystop typing on the internet right now,'cause you don't know what you're talking about.Now I'm not trying to be brutal to this person,but it is what it is.That's really bad logic, just becausesomething is available doesn't mean our view,fruits and vegetables are available to everybody,but we sure do have an obesity crisis in this country,so I'm pretty sure that just because fruitsand vegetables are available to everybody,that not everybody is taking advantage of them.So if you want to get an edge,then yeah fruits and vegetables maybe a good place to start.So yeah, don't, and maybe I guessthis was an unintended but as I talk,maybe you were in this same process,hey technical analysis, it has no place'cause it's available to everybody,and because it's available to everybody,it's just not gonna work out.So maybe I've kind of opened your eyesto the fact that, wait a second,sure it's available, but if not everybody usesit, then yeah it can still give you an edge.And on the flip side, even if peopledo use it, that's fine becausethat creates what are calledself-fulfilling prophecies in trading.And yeah, some would people say, the only reasonthat happened was because it's a self-fulfilling prophecy.I'm not gonna deny that, but my counter argumentto that is, if you do admit that there'sself-fulfilling prophecies in the trading world,don't you want to know, don't you wantto be able to figure out what thoseself-fulfilling prophecies are?I mean sure, maybe the only reasonit is happening is not becausecharts are magical, but just because well,enough people expect it to happen.Well I want to know what a lot of people expect to happen,'cause that in and of itself is an edge,so just keep that in mind, you can't blanket-statementthings with the logic of, because it's availableto everybody, you get the idea.So be very, very careful with that,and I'd really encourage you to go backand watch last week's video too,because again, that is a situationwhere logic has become blurred,and as I allude into that video,when logic becomes blurred you can startto go down bad paths.And like I said, that's just the wayit worked out.This example here is one of thosebad paths that you can go downwhere this person just has a very, very wrong impressionof technical analysis and the tool of charts.If you are out there trading alonecurrently and maybe are in the marketlooking for a community to jointo assist you in your trading or to just helpyou give you another set of eyeballs,then I do have a private trading communitywhere you can trade alongside me and other experiencedtraders, so what you see poppingup on the screen right now is bothan information link, so if you clickon the Inner Circle one, that is goingto take you to the page where I explainall the details of what exactly comewith the community, both the chatroom and the newsletter.And then the other image that has poppedup is a behind-the-scenes tour whereyou can see exactly what is goingto be contained within the community.I take you through, like I said,a behind-the-scenes tour of everything,and that way you'll know precisely what youare getting when you join.So definitely check that stuff outif you are interested and thinkingabout wanting to join a community,and let me know if you have any questions.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader