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Sam is the Man! Thanks Make-A-Wish!

I had one of the most humbling and honoring experiences in my life by getting to spend time with Sam. Make-A-Wish Foundation coordinated us being able to spend time together so he could hang out. It was a great day and one I will never forget. Come along with us and please consider donating to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. I can say with first hand experience, they are a well run and quality organization.

Sams YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8-p4ZCefXfTEvAe_DZfR-w

Make-A-Wish: http://wish.org/

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Okay, so today is a very special day,a very humble and flattering day.And if I'm being brutally honest,I'm still not quite sure I believeall this is happening.But we're gonna find out soon.I don't know, about two months agoI got an email from Make-A-Wish Foundationand long story short, there was somebodythat was in the hospital battling all sorts of,I'd try to pronounce it but I can't.But they were into the hospitaland they watched my videos to help them get throughand just fight through all the stuffthey were going through.And their Make-A-Wish was to meet me,to see my office, to hang out and just talkand maybe to be in a video, and the day is now.And they are going to be here in like an hour.His name is Sam, and I think his mom and sister are comingwith him and then the volunteer from Make-A-Wish.So it's myself, IT Nate behind the camera,and then my wife is going to be here too.Besides that I really don't know how it's going to go.But we're going to take you all along with usbecause one of wishes was also to be in a video,help with the video, so we're going to tryto incorporate all that into the day.They're having lunch delivered.So let's see how this goes.0kay, I got a text from the sponsor,Jules is her name I guess.They're close and they're a little ahead of schedule,which is fine, they're prompt which is good.So now the anticipation really starts.Do you think they're gonna show up Nate?I think so. Alright.Let's hope they don't get stuck in your driveway.We're about to find out.(soft guitar music)Appearance of what we go through.Really we just want to put you to work.Yeah (chuckling).We didn't want to do it.The thing is.(guitar music)Alright, so Nate and Sam.Sam, you're good with this angle?Yeah, of course.Okay, now I already learned I won't,but Sam is not afraid to be like, nah,I don't want to talk about that, or nah, let's do this.So I like Sam because he's not a yes man,he's telling me what's on his mind.(Sam laughing)So we're off to a good start. Yeah.And I also have learnedthat these two are tech geeks.They haven't even been really talking to me that much.I've just been off in the corner by myselfas they talk about Javascript, but.(laughing)What are you thinking aboutto do your YouTube Channel on?I'm thinking about doing the,I'm thinking about just sharing my face as well,and vlogging and, as well as, talking about computerand the stock market, and personal finance in general.Yeah, no, that's a good, the key is you've got to talkabout what you like. Mm hm.You are Sam. Yep.Sam from Champaign. Illinois.Illinois. Champaign urbanana?Champaign-Urbana.Urbana.And you are a--Well technically I'm going to college part-timeand still finishing off my high school diplomabecause you know I was sick.Yep. For a few years.But the thing is, I think I'm very luckythat my passion aligns with the job market,you know what I mean? Oh yes, yeah.There are like a lot of people who are reallyinterested in history and I actually like history too.But there aren't many employerswho are looking for a history degree unfortunately.Can I ask you what brought you from Korea to here?So technically I was born here and lived herein California for my youth, from like until like 10,I was like 10 years old, actually it was like nine.And then I moved to Koreaand then we came back in 2012, December 2012and that's how we got started our American life.Nice, nice.So pretty much, half my year in America,and half my year in, like 80%, I mean actually,half of my year in Korea and half of my year in America,so I'm pretty bi-cultural in what I do.Okay, good, well what is the biggest differencebetween Korea and here?Oh that's hard.I know. (chuckling)I'm curious, I was just--I'll say thatthe one part,now actually I love both my mother country and America.I'm very blessed to have a bi-cultural background.But if should say, if there's a biggest difference,and I'm not trying to downplay Korea,but I think America is place whereit's the place where encourages entrepreneurship,where there is a place where it encourages youto move forward, to go up the ladder,whereas in Asian culture it is more like get a secure job,get a secure government, government backed upor civil office work jobso that when you retire you get a pension.But you know, I was actually thinkingabout just becoming a government officerjust to have a stable life.But then I realized that I am more creative.Mm hm.I want to do something creative in my life.That's why, even though there is a riskand I know that there's going to be a lot of risk,but still that's what I want to pursue.Because at the end I think it will be really worth itto see, look back and oh, I made a great choice.The Asian culture is more focused on securitywhereas the Western culture focuses more on the freedom.Right.And the ability to explore despite the risk ahead of it.Yep.So Asian culture is more on the conservative side,Western culture--More on the progressive side actually,I think that's the one way I would put it.The Asian culture is? No, no, no, the--Or the Western culture. Yeah, the Western culture.In terms of introducing some riskinto your situation 'cause, and that's,yeah, interesting, interesting.Where did you live in Korea?I used to live in Seoul.Okay, that's the capital, right?That's the capital.So that's a huge city, isn't it?It's about 10 million, I suppose.Do you know how big New York City is?New York is, if you include all parts,I think it's nine million.Oh wow, it's bigger than--But when I say Seoul is 10 million,I'm including all the suburbs.Okay.So if you just look at the capital itself,I'm not sure if it'll be bigger than New York.But there's a lot of people there?Yeah. Wow, wow.And you said when were you there, what ages?From nine to 14.Okay.Eight to 14, I'd have to look it up (chuckling).Okay, no it's, so, but, we can edit,but that's pretty close to the border, right, the DMZ?Oh yeah, if you go like 30, 40 miles up north from Seoul,you could actually go look at the DMZ,and you could actually look at the borders there.Have you ever seen it before?Yeah, actually I did.I saw the North Korean soldier on the other side.Really.And the South Korean and U.S. Army soldier on this side.Really.Because U.S. Troops are stationed in Korea too.Right, right, right. Yeah.It was pretty crazy. Yeah.But I hope we will be unified soon (laughing).Yeah, I was going say, I'm curiouswhat peoples' perspectives are,and you would want to see a unified Korea then, right?It depends.The Conservatives don't want to be unified,but the Liberals want to be unified.But I guess I want to see if the unified version,later on, if that's, and stuff, that'll be cool.Yeah, interesting, interesting.Were you ever, I envision that you're thereand you have, you know, the dictator,(Sam laughing)and was it ever kind of scary, or was it just kind of like--No actually, you know what, despite what the media says,because here's the thing about media,they want to instill the fear on you all the time.So they think that, oh, Koreans are living under fear, guys,that's why we have to be always safe.But then in Korea, it's actually chill,oh, okay, the North Korean missile,just launched another missile, okay that's fine.Hey, are you guys hungry?Yeah.I'm pretty sure food just got here.Did the pizza just get here?I think so, yeah.Okay, well that was good.(soft guitar music)We almost finished lunch.I am still going.He's-- He's kind of pushing it.Yeah, these guys can't keep up,but what do you think about lunch, Sam?Oh the wings and the pizza, they're all good,but I can't go any further.He's tappin' out-- Like three pieces--He's-- Three pieces, I'm out.Three pieces, I'm on, that's okay Sam.We'll get that stomach expanded out for you.Funny story though, we, a while ago had a buddy in town,and we went way across town to get wings,like 30, 45 minutes away, ground trip or whatever.And then the place that this came from, which had wings,like five minute round trip drive.So right under, hiding in plain sight.(Sam chuckling)But yeah, Make-A-Wish, they hooked us upwith a whole lotta food, wings, pizza.My wife made some cookies.I mean, we're eating like kings.Did you have any of the cookies?Oh, no, I didn't have the cookies,but I'll bring it after we're done.You better have a cookie, don't hurt my wife's feelings.(laughing)No, of course, I'm gonna get the cookie.Okay, good, good, good.It's never in the same place.How do I get this off of here?There's a little flipper thing in the back.A little lever, flip it to the side and it'll come out.Is it recording right now?Yeah.Oh, so this is how you move it, or wait.We don't ever move it around, it really just stays there.Oh, okay.Yeah, we don't ever, like when Clay's talking the board,like it never, Clay never gets moved.I pretty much turn it on and go sit in the chair.Oh I see.See, you definitely don't need all this stuffif you're gonna turn a YouTube Channel.Oh, yeah.Maybe like a light, a light would be good.Mm hm.We have a lighting mystery ahead of us right now.Usually it's just me in front of the board,but Sam's going to help me make a video.Nate and Sam are running logisticsand doing a bit of engineering here,in terms of how are we gonna light thiswhen two people need to be on the board?Lighting engineering, yeah.Lighting engineering.Never done a two person video before.Sam thinks he wantsto do computer science engineering, but who knows,maybe he'll want to be a lighting engineer after this.(Sam chuckling)Oh that's why I can't barely see any micswhen it's actually on the YouTube Channel.'Cause there isn't one that you can see.Yeah.Tricky, tricky.Yeah, we used to have one that was,that I had to wear, like under my shirt.Yeah.And then Nate was like, well we could do thatand then you don't have to keep switching thingsback and forth.Yeah, 'cause then he started changing shirts for,now that we have multiple YouTube Channels.Yeah.Yeah, that should work.This is straight up inception right now.(Nate laughing)A camera recording a camera, my mind is being blown.And the key to the whole set upis this little card over here, if I can find it.Yeah, it's in the closet.This is the key right here.We'll let Sam hold that part since that's the--Make sure that everything looks good.What is this for?This is so we can figure out white balance.So this is like a set gray color,so like in Premiere I can say, this color is this,and it's like, oh, okay, now I knowwhat everything is supposed to be.And then this is for focusing.Mm hm.This is, this is the key.Uh huh.In fact, we'll have to cut that out,we can't put that in there.I'll just be rambling.Only, yeah, Sam you can't tell anybody elsewe told you that.Anybody in the film industry would know, but,I guess that's how we found out.So that's the tricky part. Mm hm.From being here, and then you can see like the lights--Yeah, yeah. In the shot.So you've got to make sure you get 'em far enough outthe outside so they don't actually get in the shot,and that the edge of the board is not.Uh huh. So, yeah.I have no idea what you guysare talking about right now.We're a little far away still too.Light exposure, angles.So it'd probably end up being like somewhere in there.And then this one in the front, it's just the focus.See, they just ignore me.Oh, so this is more like distance for the light.They don't even pay attention to me.Yeah, yep.I feel so left out.So like on that camera, that Clay has.Uh huh.Hey, I'm, thanks for bringing me back in.This is all automatic,with this one there's no motors in here,it's just manual, like if I don't do it, it's not doing it.But this is automatic.Yeah, that one just does everything, you just turn it on,it just does it for you.So now we go into the white balance here,and then I'll do like an auto white balance,and then we'll hold that card up underneath there,and it'll automatically white-balance the camerato that card because the camera knows what whitethat card is.Oh, okay.So like right now it looks real green.Uh huh.But after we do that, it'll look much more natural.Ah.In terms of the color, 'cause yeah, right now it looks.We're figuring out right now,getting everything set up for the video.Oh this is how, oh okay.So, Sam, here, so you can see when I went up,right here this is all nice and white now,and then when you came up here and turned to the right,you blocked this light back here,and now you can see here, it's all,like it's not as white as it was before.Yeah.Okay.Usually when we do this,we have both the lights on one side to get away with that,to get away from doing that.But since we have two people today, we can't do that.What do you think Sam, pretty uh--Well this is pretty interesting, I'm just, ah,and actually it's simpler than I thought.I thought it was gonna be all complicatedwhere you have to--Yeah, it's not hard.Just how, you have to calculate the light exposureand all that, but there's really no, like--No, if I think it has to be lighter,I'll just go over here and turn the dial,oh, it's lighter. (laughing)Oh, yeah, so--He's lying, we have many spreadsheets, Sam,that we run massive calculations onto figure out this stuff.Yeah, well I mean it's really simplerthan I thought, yeah, that's cool.Yeah.Alright Sam, go stand over there,'cause this is the secret,you gotta get used to standing in front of the white board.We don't usually have two cameras going though.This is what you're gonna be looking at,so you're just gonna prep yourself,you've just gotta pretend that all this stuff,yeah, there you go, oh, natural, oh good at erasing.Draw something else up there.Alright, we'll practice one.So the first question I'm gonna ask you is,think of a company.Oh think of a company,well the first thing that comes to my mind is Tesla.Look at that, he's a natural.And the next thing I can think of is AMD.See, he's a tech guy.I know. (Nate laughing)He knows the ticker symbols too, right off his head.Let's see Amazon,although it's been going down a little bit.Alright, alright, you don't get to pick anymore.Now I get to quiz you.Let's check your knowledge of ticker symbols.What is ticker symbol for Apple?Oh it's simple, it's APL.Nah, you gotta get another marker.We couldn't see that one, yeah I suffer with that too.Alright, we could edit that part out.Uh no (laughing)We're not editing anything out.A P L.Okay, um, let's see,what other tech companies are there Nate?Twitter.Okay, that's a tricky one, was it this one?Ahhhh, got him, T W T R.Oh, okay, T W T R.What about Snapchat?Oh, S N A P.Okay, you're, let's see-- Amazon.You're five for six, he already did Amazon.Oh, did he.Yeah, GoPro.G P R O.Ah, I'm impressed.I keep thinking of an easy one, like IBM.(laughing)The current price is 4.9, right?Alright, here's the,this will check your skills to the max,it's not a tech, U.S. Steel.Was it S T, no, this is Seagate.Ha ha, had I come out with Seagate,that would have been.U.S. Steel was it, (sighs) it was something, was it U S L?No, X. X, U S X, now.(laughing) That's whythat one's always a tricky one.That one's gonna be like a single letter.I'm impressed though.You're a natural in front of the board.What do you, see here's the thing viewers,Sam, when he first got here,oh, I don't know about the video'cause I get kind of nervousand did he look nervous doing any of that,he's a pro right up there writing.More confidence Sam, there's some more stuff for you.Be confident in yourself buddy, you got it man.I think I can probably guess the current price too.With a 10% margin of error.Of all those, or just of Tesla?Tesla, I haven't checked that at 330.Uh, AMD, 20.5, Amazon, 16.90-ish, Apple, 150,Twitter, I haven't checked.But this one, Snapchat is six something.Twitter, I don't know.Twitter is right around 28-ish right now.What's GoPro at though?It's 4.9, I think.Oh, 4.9, here we go, here we go Nate.What do I need a stock scanner for?I just have Sam.(soft guitar music)But Sam, thanks again and well, that's how you sell a stock.(hands clapping)Well you're a natural.Look at that.He was nervous. (Nate laughing)Okay, Sam, I have a bone to pick with ya.Uh huh.You said you were gonna be nervousin front of the camera.Oh yeah, of course.And we just did that video. Uh huh.And you stole the show,you were not nervous at all, Nate come here.Well I still feel nervous though.What did you say?I think it's gonna now be SamTrader.com. (laughing)Yeah, but also, if it was you--He did a way better job answering the questionsthan I would have.Yeah, I thought I was gonna throw him offwith a couple of these questions and he nailed it.So if you want to watch that video, we'll link it.Where are we gonna link it at Sam?Ah, the video? Yeah.Well of course it's gonna be on YouTube.Yeah, right, but downin the description box, right?Yeah down in the description box.It works in the description box.Or if you're watching this--Almost everything is in the description box.Or if you're watching on the site,right on the video it's How to Sell a Stock,is what we're gonna title it.Just some basic trading 101 stuff.Want one of these? Yeah sure.They're large, they might be a tad bit big, but.Uh huh.There you go man. Alright, thank you.And then also.Those t-shirts are like literally all I wear.I don't have any shirts other than them.Also we want to get you this.Ah, thank you. Yeah.Yeah.Go ahead, open it up, we'll explain,there's something else that needs to happen.Alright let me try to open this.We're not too complicated around here.So earlier you'd mentionedyou were planning on buying the course and all that stuff.Yeah. Yeah, don't need to buy.(Nate chuckling) Wait, what, really?Yeah, yeah. Oh my, thank you, so much!Yeah, you bet.So what, you got accessto all the ClayTrader University stuff,and the Money With Clay.So you were just asking about real estate two seconds ago.Yeah. Yeah, there you go.You can just go through the real estate coursethat's part of that.It'll be a Lifetime membership, so I'm glad you askedabout the Inner Circle, what that looks like,'cause there you go, Lifetime membership now.I was saving the money so I could buy the course.Now you can invest that moneyinto one of your business ventures.But all you have to do is email Nate and he'll get,obviously he'll give you his email.Mm hm, it's tricky.Yeah, it's tricky, it's nate@claytrader.com.Yeah, it's a little tricky.But yeah, he'll hook you up and get you an account created.Oh, okay.Yeah, no man, it's the least I can do.Thank you.I appreciate you thinking of meand wanting to come hang out.Well, hey, like I was saying, Sam, it was great meeting you.It was nice to meet you.It was very nice meeting you.Thanks for letting us.Oh, absolutely. Thanks.Thank you for thinking of us.It was my pleasure.Thanks Jules.Yeah, thanks for coming.It was nice to meet you. Nice to meet you too.Thank you so much. It was nice meeting you.Safe travels when you go back. Thank you.ThanksIt was nice to meet you. It was nice to meet you too.And Jules, it was nice to meet you, glad this worked out.Yeah, thanks so much for having us.So Sam just left and what a great experience that was.Sam, you're a, keep going the way you're going,'cause you've got a good,what's between these two things up in that brain of yours,you've got a lotta, let me just put it this way.Upon chatting with them, Nate and I figured outthat for fun he decidedto take a financial derivatives class.So to me that tells me all I need to knowabout his mental fortitude and his kind of view on life,when if you're, ah, I'm kinda bored,let's learn about financial derivatives.So, oh I was like, that's kind of hard,and Sam was like, but yeah, but that's good ambition.So Sam, keep it up.And to Elizabeth that contacted me from Make-A-Wish,thank you very much.And for Jules, she was a great volunteer.It was a great experience, that's all I can really say,and I've seen plenty of videos on YouTube and such,and I've said, oh that'd be kind of cool.But it's not like somethingthat I would ever thought I would be a part of,but I mean it's a great Foundation.We'll put some links and stuff down belowif you want to go and check out what they have to offer.But overall, what a great day.Nate, fun day?It was a good time, yep.It was a good time, did you ever think you would be?Not. No, for sure not,No. For sure not.Yeah, but yeah it was a great time.I guess, technically speakingI haven't spoken with my wife Abby.But she interacted and hosted kind of the momand the volunteer quite a bit.But she was already starting to tell me stuff.And I said whoa, whoa, let's get this outro figured outso that Nate can head home.But from those assumptions,it sounds like she had a great time too.So thank you again Sam for thinking of mewhen you could have done maybe a lot of other things.I appreciate it, I wish you all the best.And like I said man, just keep at what you're doing.Keep that same mentality that you have right now.And the sky is the limit, and just keep at it.(soft guitar music)

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader