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Scummy Sale’s Tactics in Detail

For those of you looking to learn how to trade in the markets, the sooner you realize shady practices exist, the better off you’ll be. I wanted to go over, an unfortunate, real life example of someone who had all kinds of scummy sale’s tactics thrown at them… and they fell for it! Time to learn from someone else’s mistakes.
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I love me some scummy sales tactics, let's take a look.The main thing here I don't want to do is just talkin theory, talk oh well this is how it could,No I want to take something that is real, that was sentmy way and sent my way a while ago but regardlessthis is what somebody told us through the siteand none of this should be shocking in fact I'm confidentmany of you could very well relate to maybe not necessarilyevery little component of this but several of the talkingpoints here.So I just want to go through some of these bullet pointsso that you have an idea of ugh that seems a little offand maybe you already do so I'm not saying that you'retotally oblivious to this but maybe you're alwayswondering, am I being too paranoid or is that somethingthat is kind of a red flag and if this can help kind ofsolidify that no, no, no, you're not being too paranoid,your instincts are right on, then perfect.So let's go through this, like I said it's a biggersection of a comment that was sent in but we'll breakit down bullet point by bullet point.Hi Clay I could reach a good price after hours ofintense phone calls.This brings up our first talking point.What is the feel of the interaction?Whether that's through like an online chat or anactual phone call in this case, email, but the interaction.What is the feel?If it is intense.If you're feeling high pressure,if you're feeling, just let's go, I'm likethen that's a red flag.There should be no reason.Now I get it, it's sales, you gotta close the sale,and I am aware of that but there is that line whereif something is being described as intense phone calls,there's probably a little bit too much sales going onwhich brings up the question, if you reallycare about this person, if you really want what's bestfor this person then why are you being so high pressure?And you say well Clay I don't know, that's just sales.True but let's get to these other bullet points and you'llsay, you'll see there's definitely a reason why thingsare so intense.I told them that I won't invest that much due to my lagin english language.So the son of the CEO made a very special price.I also have a two month, full money back guaranteeas everyone has.Multiple talking points here.Is there any sort of like shock and awe going on?Did you catch the shock and awe here?Oh he's supposedly talking to who?The son of the CEO.Whoa.I'm talking to the son of the CEO?Wow, and then what happens?Special price.And did the special price happen?It did.Now here is why this is a very, very, I think itgets hidden but a very kind of slimy thing to dobecause a special price relative to what?Special relative to what other people that paid?So how is that fair?How is that good business where because somebody says noyou're just like fine, there's a lot of othercustomers that have paid more so I got more money fromthem but I'll give you a special price, I'm gonna discountit when other people have paid more.Maybe I'm stretching, maybe I'm too sensitive but to methat just doesn't seem very fair.And I'll get to more on why none of this makes sense,other than just sleazy, high intensityshock and awe sales tactics but special prices,the good old special price.And then what happens?And this, I'm not saying this is a bad thing,but you have the guarantee.I mean I also offer money back guarantee on my stuffso I'm not saying this is bad but what I am saying isread it.Read the policy.I'm not gonna, throw this.I'll just tell you, I read the policy for this and yeah.Good luck getting any money back.So sure it's nice that they're saying it but when youactually read the policy you're likeerr.There's a lot of gray area, nothing is defined.Gray area where they can say well this is what we meantby that which means you are disqualified.So make sure you read the guarantee.Let's keep chugging through this.Actually I only wanted to buy one package.The stock and options one but the class, always about 12,are already filled and they started now a newForex class only.The next thing to be wondering about.Is there any sort of form of scarcity, meaning limitedseats, it's filling up fast, you might be running outof room, anything like that where they're trying to implythat something is, well in this case right,oh yeah I know you only want a, did you catch that?I only wanna buy one package.Oh but sorry, for that it's all full.And then watch what happens.So scarcity, are they trying to threaten you?There should be no threat of something filling up orrunning out of room or anything like that.I mean, come on, in this day and age of technology.Just off the top of my head, you know, with go to webinar,just at their base package you can get 100people on a live webinar, 100.So sure that is scarcity but if you have a bunch morepeople that sign up more than 100 then you can just upgradethe policy and you can accommodate all those peopleso scarcity in this day and age of technology,it doesn't exist, it's just a little scammy sales tactic.He told me with these coming Brexit weeks it would beeven more safe to trade Forex than stocks.Here's a newsflash.Nothing is more safe than something else.Everything will take your money if you are stupid.Sure some things will take it a lot, lot quickerbut it still doesn't mean that it's less safe thananything else.I mean this is the market, this is something where youhave brightest minds in the world competing so to sitthere and say no, no, no, you know, you don't want that.Like I said this will all make sense, the last paragraph,the way this person is being herd, or attempted to beherded a certain way but this whole of no, no, nodon't worry about that because what?It's safer, oh okay, something is safer than something else.Is there a possibility that the reason they're sayingsomething is safer is because maybe that's what theircourses, that's what they're trying to sell you, offer.I mean if I offer, you know, two different thingsand I don't or if you want something but I don't offer that,of course I'm gonna tell you that what I do offer;oh no, no, no this way's safer and then you fillin the blanks.You know, here they're using the whole Brexit situationas the excuse to justify why it's safer.But you get the idea here right?They're trying to direct somebody a certain wayby claiming that oh yeah there's more security here.Everything, everything is risky okay.Just get that across, get that into your mind right now.And here we go.So I bought both of their two big packages,remember they only wanted one.Forex and stocks plus options with all theirincluding software.Each package normally $8000 and if you pay at oncewith $500 bonus, $5500 each with money plan $7500over many months without a percentage, so an interest rate.So both normally $15000 money plan or at once for $11000.Goodness.It still makes me a little irritated, a little sick tomy stomach to hear that this person literally spentall that money, over $10000 but, butit would've been 15000, it would've been 15000 butbecause I'm doing it the way they are, because he's theson of the CEO and it's his special price, he was ableto make it only $11000.And I get it, this is nothing new, you're always seeingcoupon codes flying around.These coupon codes are like 40% off, 50% offand there's always a discount.Here's the problem and it goes back to this situation.In this day and age of technology there is no reasonto be discounting stuff.If you believe in something then why would you discount it?Now you could say well Clay, best buy discounts stuff,my favorite clothing store discounts stuff.Do you know why they discount it?Cause it's a physical object, it's a TV sitting there,it's pieces of clothes that are taking up physical spacein a retail environment.So those people at some point say you know what,we gotta get this stuff outta here, it is literally takingup space, physical space.In this day and age of technology, learning education,everything is stored online.There is no physical space where you're like uh-oh,we got new inventory coming in, we gotta get it outtathe way, let's run a sale.No, that is not required in this space.So anybody that discounts stuff,why would you discount it if you really believe in it?There's a reason why you don't see any sort of heyit's Valentine's Day, 40% off my courses, nope.Hey it's my birthday, 50% off my courses.Nope.For you longer time subscribers of the email,you know you've never seen anything like that,in fact you've only seen prices go up over time.My Clay Trader university package, it actually startedoff at 9.97, do you wanna know what it is right nowbecause I actually believe and the more it tests andmore emails I get in about Clay this is really good,it really helped me, you're kind of undercharging.Started at 9.97, it's at 19.97 now and you're morethan welcome to ask me for a discount and I'll probablydirect you to this video.Or I'll direct you to, I have another rant where I talkabout this whole concept.But realize that if somebody's trying to lure you inwith the special pricing, they don't believe in it.Why would you discount something you truly believe it'sa fair price, if you truly believe it'll work.You won't.And again, just to really pound home.Well Clay, all these other stores offer discountsand run sales.Yes because they have physical merchandise that istaking up physical space in a store.Totally different here when you're talking about therealm of education and being able to store stuff online.So, sad that this person, hook, line and sinker spentway much more, especially when I guarantee my,or I don't guarantee, I know because I looked into this.I offer way more content at $2000 than this person isgetting for the great deal of $11000.So just be aware of this stuff and if you startto get the feel or they're trying to shockand awe you or if there's special prices make sureyou read that guarantee, if they're trying to threatenyou with seats are limited, spaces are,give me a break.And of course, if they're trying to hey go over here,it's a little bit safer.I mean just be aware and don't fall forthese scammy tactics.If you are out there trading alone currently and maybeare in the market looking for a community to jointo assist you in your trading or to just help yougive you another set of eyeballs, then I do have aprivate trading community where you can trade alongsideme and other experienced traders.So what you see popping up on the screen right now isboth an information link, so if you click on the innercircle one that is going to take you to the page whereI explain all the details of what exactly come with thecommunity, both the chat room and the newsletter andthen the other image that has popped up is a behind thescenes tour where you can see exactly what is going tobe contained within the community.I take you through, like I said, a behind the scenes tourof everything and that way you'll know precisely whatyou are getting when you join so definitely check thatstuff out if you are interested and thinking aboutwanting to join a community and let me know if youhave any questions.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader