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Set Ups Producing Solid Success

We had some nice technical chart set-ups that gave members of the newsletter an opportunity at quick profits. Thanks to how a few of these charts traded, there is also some valuable learning opportunities to help new traders on how to trade. If you are looking for hep and assistance in locating valuable set-ups, then please consider signing up for the newsletter.

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Hey, it's Clay at ClayTrader.comThis will be the weekly reviewof the Power Profits Scan newsletter,which is a part of the Inner Circle subscriptionthat I offer on the site.The more talked about portion is probablythe live trading room.But along with the trading room, you also have accessto the newsletter that I send out on a weekly basis.So I just wanna kind of go over thisas it gives everybody an idea of kind of what you get.And for those members and students,there's some good learning examplesthat usually come about with all these.Couple disclaimers, first off, am I trying to come across,am I trying to portray that every single alertthat is sent out via the newsletter is a winner?Absolutely not.Nobody's perfect, no scans are perfect,so losses definitely do happen.And in fact, if you watch past videos in this series,you know that I've shown plenty of losing alertsthat just haven't worked out.But it does goes to show and illustrate the importanceof managing risk, controlling risk, because yes,losses do happen so you need to knowhow to properly handle them.But on the flip side of losses happen, winners also happen.So when those winners do occur, you wanna make surethat due to risk management, risk controlthat you have your account in a placewhere the winners can kind of do their joband take care of those losses.The second bit of disclaimer is for this video,we are gonna be back looking at the week of 10/15.Why so far back?Well, two fold.First, it's just given the charts plenty of time to unfold,plenty of things to occur.That way, we can see what's actually happened.Second, it's just a matter of fairness.I mean, the last thing I would want is for somebody to pay,and all of a sudden they see, oh, that's nice.What I just paid for, I see publicly available now.Obviously that doesn't make much sensefrom either a business or a fairness standpoint,so that is why we're going kind of backin the history of things.But with all that being said, let's get to it.First alert to talk about here, ticker symbol GTXI.And the category that I essentiallyjust kind of made up for it was,there was a very clear pump-and-dump,but then just wondering if there was gonna besome sort of recovery, and I kind of define recovery as,as I said here, even if the price can get up to "just" $2,so from here where the price was down around this area,that's still a nice percentage move.So I mean, space-wise, you wouldn't think well,geez, it's at $1.72.Even if it gets up to $2, we'll pull out the calculatorand do percentage calculations.If it could get up there within a relativelyshort amount of time, that's actuallyquite a bit of percentage that you would get on your moneyin a very, very quick amount of time,and you would think about what banks payin savings accounts or one of those CDsor certificate of deposit?Hey, we'll give you 1.5% for five months or six months.So you got to keep things in perspective.So that's why I'm pointing out that $2,maybe it doesn't seem like a lot,but from here it is, up to two,that would still be, percentagely speaking, a nice move.So let's see how this one played out.A quick little reminder,the newsletter always goes out on the weekend.So this is what it looked like before Monday trading starts.So the next candle you do see will be Monday,and then that's kind of, so it gives everybodyplenty of time over the weekend to check things outand put together some sort of plan of action.So let's see how this one played out.So right there, Monday, just a side ways daybut it's not like it collapsed or anything.Gave everybody, if they wanted, an entry point into it.And then right there, the spike came,volume came pouring in.And from there, not much else happened.However, the high of that candle was 209.So not only did it get up to that $2 markthat I had mentioned, but actually got up nine centseven higher above it.So giving everybody plenty of opportunity.Am I saying people played it perfectlyand got the 23%?I'm not saying that, but you saw how fast that happenedwithin basically two days.So I'm pretty sure that no banks out there,let's say screwed up over half of the tradetherefore you only got 10% on it,I don't know any banks out there that you can walk inand say hey, you know what,I need 10% return on my money in the next two days.If you are willing, please take your cell phone inand record that.Record that interaction and send it to mebecause I would love to see the bank manager,the bank teller's face when you tell themthat you want 10% return on your money in two days.So here was a very quick return.Got up to that $2 mark.And like I said, when you keep things in perspectivewith percentages, a very respectable return on your money.The next chart here, ticker symbol NBEV,and you see up there just in the Pullback Play category.And as I pointed out here, just the fact that the volumewas dropping and that this would be an interesting areaif it could indeed get itself down to the $4 mark.So let's see how this one all played out.So here is again what it looked like goinginto the next week.And I like the little example herethat it offers up, just kind of illustratingthe whole idea of don't chase, never chase the price.And here's what could happen.So yeah, it starts to make a moveand you could be thinking, oh, oh no,I'm missing it, I'm missing it, I'm missing it.And then you got to think,some people literally, some poor soulsbought right there at 7.75.And see ya later,sorry people that chase on the move there.And hey, now what is it doing?There's that pullback we are looking for.So again, don't chase, don't chase.It can really get you in a world of hurt.But we'll keep going.And right there, the price literally hit a low of 393.So I had mapped out four.I was seven cents off.Sorry, the charts are sorry.I mean, I guess the charts weren't exact.I mean, within seven cents though.And you can see also, it was kind of a double whammy.Had the 50 pair moving average right there tooand got the bounce off of that.And the next day hung around up there.Wasn't a very long move.Actually gave another opportunity right there.So pulled back, came once again right around the $4 markand then bounced again.So there's actually two couple opportunities there,but we'll just go with the very first one there.But that first one again, it may not look like a lotbecause all it did was come down hereand then move up there.So distance wise on the chart,but remember, look at the percentages,that was a 31.3% move.So again, even if you screwed up half of the trade,you're still walking away right around 15%.And there are no banks, there's nothing out therethat is going to give you 15% return on your moneyin the time span of really less than two days in this case.But we'll just say two days.And again, feel free to walk in your local bankwith your phone and request 15% on your money in two days.We'll be polite, we'll ask for it in one weekand let me see what their reactions are.So another nice one there.Took a little bit of patience.Did a good job though of illustratingwhy you don't wanna chase.And yeah, gave a couple of opportunities.This one here was a little bit more,obviously you need a tad more patience.But that one right there, if you're paying attention,literally almost within seven cents right off $4for a nice quick 31% bounce.And then finally another portion of the newsletter,I have just specific tickers that go alongwith a couple of the courses that I offered.Last week I talked quite a bit about shortingand the need to learn how to do it.So I kind of wanted to build off of that.Real quick if you have no idea what shorting is,all shorting means is you're making moneywhen prices go down, which is kind of fascinatingif you've never heard about this concept before,but if that is you and you're brand new,yes, it is possible to make money when prices go down.As odd as that sounds, I remember the first timeI learned about it, I was like wait, really?Did I hear that right?Yeah, absolutely, you can make money when prices go down.And I talked about this, like I said,a lot in last week's video,but wanna get things, and I got some good feedback on it,but wanna once again show how this works.Now you'll notice that there are no charts here.The reason there are no charts is becauseif you have taken that course, which is what this littlesection is designed for, the people that have takenthe course, the students, then what I show youand what we're gonna use here is LYB.It would make perfect sense why I'm alerting LYBto you as a student of this course.So if you are student, either of ClayTrader Universityor you've just done this course right here,when you see the chart, you're gonna say oh yeah, yeah,I totally understand why you would alert that,and I understand because I've taken this training course,how I would go about it.So yes, there aren't any necessarily annotated chartsin this section, but this is the powerof learning how to fish.When I teach you how to fish,I'm just pointing you to yeah,there's probably some fish over in that area,but you know how to take it from there.Go there and catch the fish on your own,so that's what we're gonna do with LYB.But again, if you're new,all shorting means is taking advantagesof when prices go down.So here is what the chart looked like.Again, students wouldn't totally know.Okay, yeah, I see why this should be alerted,I know how to approach this and all that good stuff.So let's just see how this one unfolded on the week.Final reminder, we wanna see prices going downis what we wanna see here.So it does a little bit more consolidating,does a little bit more consolidating right there.And then right there, the breakdown.And then from that point, things just get quite, quite ugly.And that whole move right there before it didfinally start to bounce wasa $10.50 per share profit window.Again, not saying anybody played it perfectlyand made $10.50 per share, but a lot of wiggle room there.Honestly, people probably got pretty closebecause that was a very nasty mood of a downside.So those are the types where it's relatively hardto screw them up because if you follow kind ofwhat the course teaches and stuff like that,then yeah, still not played it perfectly,but you would have gotten quite a bitof the $10.50 per share.But just a little illustration there of yeah,the newsletter as a whole, assuming you know how to short,which you should because that gives you full flexibility,like I talked about last week, then yeah,a couple a good setups from the long side.And then here from the short side,another opportunity to make some money.So overall, no massive, massive gainers like I've hadin the past, but a good solid weekin the sense of nice percentagesin very short amounts of time.And then you have this instance herewhere you're making money not only when prices are going upbut also prices going down.If you are interested in joining,these are just some final details hereabout what all is included.But you can go to ClayTrader.com/innercircle,or you can just go to ClayTrader.comand there's a portion right up to the topthat says Inner Circle, and you can click on that.And like I said, you get all these different components.There is a mobile app that comes with it,so it's not like you have to stay chained to your computeror anything like that.You can stay in touch no matter where you are.As far as price, it is $99 per year.Not per week, not per quarter, not per month, per year.If you really want, well, what does thatactually break down to?I'll tell you right now.If you do the math, $8.25 per month is the cost.Or if you wanna break it down to well,what does it cost me per week to be part of the group?$1.90.So you can sacrifice just like one cup of coffee,there you go, you can afford the subscription.So $99 per year.As I always and will continue to say,as far as I'm concerned,and I think I have the math and I have the proof hereto back it up over the time span of an entire 12 months,an entire year, I'm more than confidentyou'll get at least $99 worth of value.So if there are any questions or anything like that,leave them down in the comments section below,contact me through the site,contact me through social media,whatever makes your life easier and I would be happyto answer any questions that you may have.Yeah, I hope you decide to join up.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader