Student loan debt has really gotten out of control across the USA. You are constantly seeing the topic come up over and over again within the financial media. In the vast majority of the cases, the student loan is being referred to as a crisis due to the fact it is dragging down the personal finances of many people, particularly younger adults. I do fully agree that there is a student loan debt crisis that exists; however, that’s simply acknowledging and complaining about the problem. I’ve always been taught to never complain about the problem unless you have some kind of solution. When it comes to how the student loan debt issues can be solved, my solution is one word: greed. Yes, you read that right, greed! While this may sound like I’ve gone crazy, let me show you the power of greed and how it could quickly fix the student loan debt problems. Sure, it may cause some frustrations at first for people; however, I’d be willing to be a large chunk of money that years later, those very same frustrated people will be willing to “thank the greedy”. Greed is a force that can be used for good, and that includes fixing the student loan problems. Let me show you how!

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