I’m sure you’ve heard it: “tax the rich”. The people yelling such things are doing it from a place of “they need to pay their fair share”. Unless you live under a political rock, I’m sure you are well aware that taxation and rich people is a pretty hotly debated topic. The point of this video is not to “talk politics” or say what policy is right or wrong, but rather, I just want to show you the actual real world results of what happens when you do tax the rich. The best part here is that I will NOT be talking “in theory”. This is not some kind of theoretical think tank on my part where I’m just conjecturing what would happen. At the time of this video, we had some recent headline news in the financial world about Elon Musk and taxes. Once again, I’m not going to comment on whether any of this was right or wrong, but I just want to show you what happened when taxes and Elon Musk collided. I understand it is easy to sit from one location and yell “tax that rich guy over there so he pays his fair share”, which is fine, but we all need to remember there can be secondary degree consequences from what “sounds good”. Regardless of where you stand on the morals of any of this, there are still economic and mathematical principles that need to come into play here when analyzing the effects of “tax the rich”. Let me show you using a real world event what happens when you go after the rich and make them pay taxes.

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