Day trading stocks is a huge challenge and there are many mistakes you can make as a beginner who is new and just getting started. However, I want to share with you and show you the #1 day trading beginner mistake to avoid. For full disclosure on my part, I’m sure you’ve heard other day traders say this “word” before, but what will make this video different is I use some of my real time day trading results to illustrate the learning lesson. While I have nothing against trying to learn how to day trade stocks using a book and “theory”, I do believe there is more value and you can learn faster when you actually “see” how certain areas of the market work. The mistake I talk about is one that is very common to make, given how tricky it is (as you’ll see), but that’s also the problem. One of the “most common” day trader mistakes also is the one that will do the most damage to your trading account. If you can learn how to avoid this beginner mistake, you are setting yourself up for a much better chance at making consistent money in your day trading journey.

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