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Nothing is perfect (as you will see), however, when the bumps in the trading road come along cut the loss and move on. You just never know when you may enter into an absolute legend of a stock. The key to trader success is discipline and managing risk. You can’t control how high a price goes.

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Hey, it's Clay and this will be the weekly reviewof the Power Profit Scan Newsletterwhich is a part of the subscription serviceat claytrader.com.The other part is the Live Trading Chatroom,but for this we're gonna focus here on the Newsletter.Quickly, a few disclaimers,although I suppose one you're gonna see play out here.But first off, I am not trying to portraythat every single alert I send out is a massive winnerand money is always raining down from the sky.Nobody is perfect, no scan is perfect, nothing is perfect,so I don't want this to come acrosslike I'm trying to give you an impressionthat if you sign up you are just gonna be swimmingin a sea of $100 bills.Second part with that, though,is the importance of risk management,risk analysis, risk control.Because losses happen no matter what some peoplemay try to portray, they happen.So because you know that,this is why you need to control them.Because the one side is, yeah, losses happen,but there is a two-sided coin, winners also happen.So when those wins do occur,you wanna make sure that you have your accountin the best possible spot to succeed.And then the next part,is we are gonna go back to the week of March 4th of 2019."Why are you going so far back?"Perfectly fair question.First, it's simply giving the chart plenty of timeto play out so we can see what happened,and then second, it's just the matter of being fair.The last thing I wantis for somebody to pay for this subscription,then all of a sudden see that stuff out there for free.That person would feel pretty ripped offand I'd say they'd be justified in that feeling.So that is why we are going back a couple weeksfor those couple of reasons.So with that being said, let's get into it.The first alert to focus here on is ticker symbol ADMSand as you see here just threw itin the technical pattern category as a Bull Pennant.A couple things first,"Hey, Clay, what prices do you cover?"THat's a big question.I'll cover any price from sub penny stocksto stocks that are over 100.For me, it's not necessarily about the price,it's about probabilities.Meaning, do I think that the probabilitiesof success are in our favor, or against us?And that's my main driving criteria,not the price of the stocks.So, prices are all over the place and for those of youthat have watched past videos in the series,you've seen stocks across the board.Another question is,"Okay, Clay, when do you send these out?"These are sent out over the weekend,that way you have plenty of time to digest, to look at them,so it's not like it's some text alertthat you have to make a decision in two seconds.Plenty of time for everybody to watch,to do their analysis on, and all of that.None of these shenaniganswhere people send something out, text alert,and you have to make a split second decision,nothing like that.So like I said, ADMS,we had the technical pattern of the Bull Pennant,let's see how this one played out.So this was the chart, like I said,going into the new weekand first let's see that Mondayyou can see that the price actually gapped up above it,but I'm assuming that you bought the previous breakout areawhich was right here at 11.80.So it gapped up, but you were patient,you let the price come to you and then this happened,the price, nasty, nasty gap downand that equated to a loss of 26.3%,but here's the other learning lesson herethat I wanna get across,is let say you're like,"No, no, no, no, it's gonna bounce back."I'm gonna hold, I'm gonna hold, I'm gonna hold."Well, let's see what that mentality would've led to.I'm gonna hold, I'm gonna hold,I'm gonna hold, it'll bounce back.Well, you look at where the price is now at,as the recording of this video, negative 43.8%.Don't get me wrong, nobody wants to take a 26% loss,but just to think, now that loss has expanded downto basically 44% and it may not be done.That loss could get even bigger and bigger.But like I said at the beginning,I'm not here to try to proclaim that every single alertis gonna be a money maker.This happens, this is part of trading and it is what it is,but this is why you gotta just keep risk under control.And what do I mean by under control?Well, again, if you would've just hopped out and said,"Yeah, that was a buzz kill, bummer."Gotten out for the 26%,there's a big difference between 26% and 43.So right there,there is some risk management and risk control,but like I said, it is what it is,let's move on to the next one.Next one here ticker symbol YRIVand just throwing out the question,hey, is there some sort of bottom forming?There is a whole lot of volume right here,and then you can see,had this nice little wedge pattern here.So like I said, just kinda throwing it out here,hey, is this some sort of bottom?So let's see how this one all played out.Again, keep in mind, the price,now we're talking about a stock that's below a $1.So we're talking about a quote-unquote penny stock,if you will.So let's see how this one played out.Again, on Monday, the price actually gapped up open.But this just brings a tear to my eyeas far as the power of charts.Again, are they prefect?No, but it's pretty neat to watch how this plays out.But remember the previous one we just looked at, ADMS,we said, alright, well, if it pulls backto the former breakout point, that could be an entry point.So let's just watch how this played outand it did indeed pull back and right there you can see,opportunity right there around,we'll just call it 55 cents,probably technically a little bit lower,but we'll call it 55 cents.You could've bought and then entered itonto the previous breakout point.And watch how this acts.Look at how it absolutely just hovers right above that line.So I mean just bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce.I mean that's technical analysis at its bestand then gets the nice move there.But also keep in mind where the lower tread line is.So that green line now comes into play.And keep in mind from the people that entered right here,it's not like anything has crashed,so, I am by no means being unreasonable or illogicalto think that those people that were buying right herewere still holding through all of this.Now if this thing crashed all the way down to 30 centsand then came back and I said,yeah, and those people are still holding.Yeah, they're still holding,but that would've been a terrible habit.But you see here, no crashes at all.Now did this one require a little bit of patience?You know, I suppose that dependson your sort of personal risk tolerance.But, anyway you look at it, all of a sudden,huge movement up there to just shy of the $2 markand that equated to a 251% move.I mean, and this is kind of a bad examplebecause even if you would held to the other one to 43%and then taken a loss,this one right here would've still easily wiped away.Now, I don't wanna say that anybody played it perfectly.So let's say you screwed up half the tradeand you only got 125% from it.But even that, I mean, preferably, yeah,you only took the 26% lossand then it would've been that much more greenin your pocket if you would've made 125% on this one.But even if you took the 43% on it,this is kind of an example that's backfiring,because I don't wanna be able to saythat even if you had taken the 43% loss,you'd of still been bailed out.But, you get what I'm saying though.The point is, what a mover.That's why just get out when things violate your planand live to fight another daybecause you never know when one of thesemay be right around the corner.251% and, I mean, realistically,you could've gotten 200% out of it,but like I said, we'll stay conservativeand say you screwed up half the trade and 125%.Very, very nice mover and some beautiful technical analysis.Sure, you had to wait a little while on the back test,the pull back, let it consolidate it out and then rip again.But, yeah, beautiful play.And then the final one right here,ticker symbol BPTH, threw it in the Pullback Play category.And like I said right here, don't chase.Don't chase, we don't wanna chase.But I said, but if panic hits,this one could be a nice pullback entrywith good risk verse reward.So very clearly here, just kinda questioning,you don't wanna chase, so you don't wanna be buying up here,but if it does pullback to this right around 460ish area,then yeah, could definitely bea nice little potential trade.So let's see how this one played out.One more reminder from a price action perspective,so we've looked at one that was up over $10,we've looked at one that was below a $1and now we're looking at one that's below 10,but still up above penny stock status.So, like I said, price movement,or price range is all over the place.So how did this one play out?Well, I kinda let the cat outta the bag a little bit'cause that's what it was looking like.So the first day, pulls back a little bit.Still not quite sure where we want it,or not quite at where we want it, but right there.Right to that green line,it went slightly, slightly below it.But, members, plenty of opportunity to get in right there,and then, pure insanity occurs.Next day, right there, it makes the move up,but, no, it's not done.Next move right there, look how high that ultimately went,went up as high as, and I quote,$73.52 for a gainfor a profit window of 1,498%.From $4 and basically 60 cents,up to over $70 in the time span of less than two days.Now I am not saying anybody absolutely nailed the bottom,absolutely nailed the top.But, again, let's say you screwed up,let's say you screwed up 90% of the trade.So you screwed up 90% of the trade,I mean, that's still giving you over 100% gain on the trade.I mean, if you screwed up 90% of the trade.Usually, I'm always going 50%,you screwed up half the trade.But here, let's just say, you screwed up 90% of the trade,you're still looking at over 100% move on this one.And just an absolute legend, now within the community.And I've been doing the newsletter for a long time now,so I don't know if this was necessarilya record for the newsletter,especially if you factor in optionsand people that use options,then, yeah, there's been many othersthat have gone over 1,000%.But actually just straight up stock, this may be a record.But regardless, BPTH, an absolute monster.If you're interested in learning more about the inner circleand this subscription service,you can do so at claytrader.com/teamor you can just join.But, these are pretty much all the bullet points.As I said at the beginning,yeah, we went over the Power Profit Scan Newsletterbut the other dynamic is that Live Trading Chat Roomwhere I hang out every single dayand alert my trading and other people are.It's just a great, solid community.And at the end of the day, I mean, it's $99 per year.Not per month, not per quarter, per year.If you do the math, that breaks down to $1.90 per week,or like $8.25 per month.So I'm very confident, as I say every week,that over the time span of 12 months,I'm more than confident you're gonna getat least $99 worth of value.And I mean, come on, in the same week,one stock moved up over 200%, another stock 1,400%.I think that's worth $99 a year.And as a head's up, those prices,the $99 is probably gonna be going up, I don't know when,but we're working on a Clay Trader 4.0 version,so version four of the site.We've been around for about, or not about,we've been around for over six years now,and we're now going on our fourth revision of this siteand with that is gonna come some pricing changes.And this level or this price will be changing.I'm 90% sure on that.And if you wanna just roll the dice,that you think if this is some sortof marketing gimmick on my part, that's fine.But, don't be coming back and saying,"Hey, will you honor that $99 price?"No, because I'm telling you about itwith at least still a few weeks left.But, just a head's up there.Even at a 100, I'm thinking of changing it to 197 per year.So even at 197 per year, I mean, gimme a break.That is peanuts compared to the alerts that have been made.But, overall, if you are interested, sign up.If you have any questions,let me know down in the comment sectionor hit me up on social media,or whatever makes your life easiest.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader