If you want to survive and thrive as a day trader, having an insurance policy is place is something you need. This is not the typical insurance policy you would normally think of; however, that does not mean it is any less important or relevant. A huge part of being a successful day trader and making money trading online is your ability to structure a valid trade plan within an overall strategy. The problem is, given the market’s very nature of constantly changing and being so dynamic, your thoughts towards a specific trade plan can begin to also change. You need to be confident in your trade plans, this is what creates a valid strategy, but, you also need to understand that when variables within your trade plan begin to change, it’s good to have insurance policies in place. Instead of trying to explain this all with words, let me show you what I mean using some of my personal day trading stock results. It’ll be way easier this way to show you why you need the day trader insurance policy!

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