It’s only a matter of time before you, as a day trader, will experience a key moment within your trading where a key question will be asked. What is this question? Do I hold and hope or do I sell and accept the loss? As a beginner day trader I remember always choosing the answer, “I’m going to hold and hope the price comes back up!”. Unfortunately as traders we can’t always be right, so this question is guaranteed to give us a visit. In this video I want to do a bit of a deeper dive into some basic math that hides in plain sight. When you consider the math, you will quickly realize how dangerous it is to choose to “hold and hope”. In fact, I would go as far as saying it becomes totally nonsensical to hold and hope when you become aware of this math. The key to day trading success is following the data (cough cough, math!) and when you have basic math that is screaming at you to not make certain choices, I contend it would be smart to listen to that math. Let me show you how nasty this math is and how it completely turns the trade against you!

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