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The Trading Community Bounces Back Strong

If you watched last week’s video, then you know it was one of those weeks that while not a train wreck, it just was not very smooth. This week’s trading action provides a great example of why you just need to keep the ax to the grindstone and keep working hard. It’s amazing the difference a week can make!

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Hey, it's Clay and this will be the weekly reviewof the Power Profit Scan which is a portionof the subscription service that I offer.There's also the live chat room.But I wanna focus here on the newsletter that is sent out.A couple quick disclosures before I get started.First off, am I trying to imply that every single alertis a massive winner and money is always raining downfrom the sky, absolutely not.In fact, even if you watched last week's video,I'll put a link down below, you'll see that last week was,I don't wanna say a total failure, but it was a rough week.And I still did a video on it and if you've watchedpast videos you've seen that I've shown losers.But the point here, in fact, I'm gonna show a loserin this video, but the point here that I'm tryingto get across is, nobody's perfect, nothing is perfect,losses happen, losses are just part of trading.But this also goes to show why risk management,risk analysis, risk control is so importantand why I preach it all the time.Because while losers to happen, winners also happen.So when you're focused on risk control you're gonna putyour account in the best possible chance to succeedso when those winning trades do come along,it can take care of those losses and just keep theoverall account trending in the direction that you want it.The next disclosure is, we are going back a waysand gonna look at the week of 1/28.If you're saying, hey Clay, why are you going so far backinto the history of things, hey,I totally understand why you would say that.Two reasons, first, it's just giving the chartand everything plenty of time to play out and unfold.Second, it's a matter of being fair.The last thing I would want is for somebody to sign upand pay and all of a sudden see this stuffout there for free.I'd imagine that person would probably feel a little bitripped off and I'd say they're probably justifiedin thinking that way.So with that being said, let's get to it.Now a couple questions that I get quite a bitand they're good questions,Clay, when do you send out this newsletter?It is sent out every weekend.That way you have plenty of time to do your researchand, you know, figure out what you wanna do.None of this is like, where you get something sent to youand you have two seconds to make a decision.No, you have plenty of time so the newsletter is send out,like I said, on the weekends.Usually Saturday mornings.And also, Clay, what price range does this cover?Anything and everything.Price is very low on my, you know, kinda priority list.What's highest is just say, what's gonna give,what do I believe makes this thehighest probability for success.And that's what I mainly focus on, probabilities andchances that it will be a successful trade.And, you know, as you're gonna see and especially ifyou've watched past videos, it could be something that'sbelow a penny, it could be something that's up over $100.So you'll see how, you know, kinda how that plays outas you go through these.But, you know, prices range all over the place.So the first alert I wanna focus on here is onticker symbol MGI and on that note you can seewe're talkin' right now about a sub $5 stockand it was in the volume alert category, as I pointed out,you know, big old volume came in and then I also pointed outhere that $2.40 was being quite the stubborn level.So that was kind of the area to keep an eye on.So let's see how this one played out.So again, here is the chart and what it looked likegoing into the weekend so the next candlestick you seeis gonna be for the first trading day of the weekand you can see right there nothing happened,pulled back, pulled back a little bit more.And yeah, that trendline there was violatedbut notice there wasn't any sort of crash or anything.Sort of made more than, you know, enough senseto at least keep it on the watch list'cause as you can see now, it had already recovered.So sure broke below but nothing crazy.Got up near there and once more was rejected.But, you know, it's definitely kinda knockin' on the door.Once again, pulled back but nothing crazy,not like it crashed down below.And then right there you got the breakout right thereso, you know, very well could've beenan entry point right there.And then you can see just like that the price pulled back.Now, in all actuality, yeah, I suppose you coulda stayed inbecause it didn't violate a very important levelon the chart which, can you see the level?If you can, good job.Your chart vision is lookin' solid.But regardless, for example's sake and just to kindakeep things, you know, as real as possible,I don't wanna twist every little detail in,you know, my favor.I get it, it's much better if I can sit here and say,look, everything was a winner.But like I said, let's keep it real.It broke out, it pulled back,so I could see people just saying, you know what?I'm done, and then, of course, it did recover back upwardsand up it went.But just one of those sloppy trades.So I could see why you would holdbut even with that, it just was not a very clean trade.So we'll just have to chock this one up to being a loser.Next one we're gonna look at is for ticker symbol CORT.And I put in the panic bounce category.But this, I will spoiler, this was my favoritealert of this week.And it wasn't the biggest gain or anythingbut I just love how it played out.So right here you can read that, you know,can the price panic down there again,there being, you know, the green line,for another bounce?If not, and here's the key part, and it hoversand it hovers could become a solid short sided set up.Real quick, what do I mean by short sided?Going short means you make money when prices go down.And I'll just leave it at that.If you're interested in more I'll offer other videoson the channel that you can learn from.But just for this purpose's sake, just know thatprices going down are good.That is how money is being made from the short side.Once more on the pricing front, now we're talkin' abouta stock that's up above $10.So we're talkin' about a plus $10 stock here.So like I said, price ranges all across the board.So let's see how this played out.So it pulled back, pulled back, got closebut never quite hit that area once again.So now what is it doing?Think back to that key word.It's hovering.So at this point, things have transitioned into, hey,possibly being a short sided trade.So let's see if it could actually break down through thereand one final time, short sided trade meaningyou are making money if prices go down.And you can see right there, it was violatedso, you know, there's the opportunity to potentiallyput it on a short position.And then right there got the gap down, even better.And then after that you can see eventually that nasty moveright there took it all the way down to as low asright around $9.25 before it bounced back up.But that was a profit window there of 18.8%from the short side.And like I said, I just liked it 'cause it wasa great transition of where the price went down there,it hovered, so then, you know, that was the cueto potentially go to short and then the thing, you know,had a collapse, granted, it did bounce back pretty quickbut still, you know, 18.8% profit window withinjust a few days, you know, your local credit union,your local bank's not gonna be paying out 18% withina couple of days even if you screwed up half of the trade,we'll call it 9%.I mean, your local bank's not gonna be payin' out 9%in just a matter of days.So definitely a nice little short sided trade there.Next one to focus on here is a little bit more ofa bigger category but Pattern Breakout BackTest.So the point here was that, you know, as I mentioned,the ascending triangle had already been brokenand yeah, definitely don't chase, don't get caught upin the hype, but hey, you know, if it pulls backthat could be an opportunity so I pointed it out,you know, that general vicinity right thereat the previous breakout point via the blue box there.So let's see if there was backtest or not.Once more from the pricing perspective,now we're talking about a stock, you know, just,you know, the $20 mark.So quite a bit more from that first one that was justa couple of bucks but let's see how this one played out.So remember, don't chase, don't chase,going gettin' some sideways price movement.Some more sideways and check that out, pulled backand just absolutely beautiful right offthat area right there.Now I'm not going to run the numbers based off of, you know,assuming you got the perfect end of, right at the low.I'm not gonna do that.That would be manipulating things a little bit to much.But, I mean, there's no doubt about it, the price pulledback and I mean, that's just great technical analysis.You know, pattern break outs when levels of resistanceare broken, they tend to be backtestedand that's what happened there.So let's see how this one continued to play out.So it worked its way up, pulled back but nothing hugeand then eventually worked its way up there for a 38% movealthough that downward more there I would say, you know,probably would've ended the run.Yeah, again I could have said, no, no, no.You would have, you know, benefited moreas the price bounced back up.Like I said, this move right here, pretty nastyso I'm gonna assume that probably took people out.But point being, within just a couple of weeks,a 38% profit window.Once more, am I implying or saying that peopleplayed it perfectly and got 38%?I'm not saying that.But that's a pretty wide range.Once more, you know, even if you screwed up half the trade,you know, you're still lookin' at just shy, you know,what, about 18.5% window in just a couple of weeks.And that assumes, like I said, you screwed up half the tradeand you're still walkin' away with that sort of gains,not to bad for just a couple of weeks.Next one here, we're looking at ticker symbol PIRand the category up there as you seeis there a breakout coming?And mention that the key break point right thereis a dollar.You can see this thing was workin' its way upwards.That red line is representing a dollarso let's see if this got a breakout or not.Again, from the pricing perspective, now we're talking abouta stock that is below a dollar.So from going from, you know, an $18, $19 dollar stockto something below a dollar, like I said,priced very low on the totem pole.I just care about whatever probabilitieshave potential successful trade.So let's see how this one played out.So once again, the price pulled back and like thatfirst example, yeah, it broke down below that trendlinebut never crashed.It did pull back, like I said, it went below it,but no crashes so, you know, it made senseto still keep it on the watch list'cause there was no nasty movements below there.Once again, got up to that level and rejected.It's almost a case of deja vu with that onewe were lookin' at.Pulled back but nothing crazy.And then there is the breakout right there.And you can see from that breakout just absolutelybeautiful movement and that went up as high as 55%.I realize the distance may not look like that muchof a breakout but you gotta keep in mind that this wasat a dollar so obviously those percentagesare gonna add up that much more.So from a dollar up to $1.55,a 55% profit opportunity window,definitely a very nice breakout for the community.The final alert on the week.So we've gone over all five,'cause that's how many I send out.But another volume alert one on TTNP.And you know, as I mention down here,you know, it's got big move capability right thereand then kinda pointin' out that hey,volume is startin' to wake up again.So you know if the price could, you know,potentially kinda cruise around here.Is something coming?So let's see if this volume alert led to anything or not.So there is the chart and once again,from a volume perspective, now we're up above a dollarbut sittin' right around %1.50.So the week played out and what I like here is nothingdrastic and it's not like there is massive volume and chaosbut the price kind of methodically pulled back.So from a risk versus reward perspective,plenty of opportunity, nothing crazy.And then right there, got the gap up and that gap up at itspeak led to a 73.6% move and on that gap up, huge volume.So a great mover and one where, again, am I sayingsomebody played it perfectly and got 73% out of it?I'm not sayin' that.But even if you screwed up half the tradeyou're still lookin' at a 35% win in just less than a week.And like I said, your local credit union, your local bankis not gonna be payin' out 35%.So a great move there and a great overall week.Like I said, if you look at it and if you've beena loyal follower of this video segment then I know youwatched last week and like I said, I'm not gonna call ita train wreck of a week but it was definitelykind of a rough week the previous week.But just like that, the following week, right hereyou can see all sorts of winners all over the place.Before you go, a couple final thingsif you're maybe interested in joining.You should be, I mean, when you think about it,especially when I get to the price.And I'll just tell you the price right now,$99 for an entire year.If you do the math, that's $8.25 per month.It's $1.90 per week.So no excuses, that is more than fair pricingand as I always say, over the time span of 12 monthsI'm more than confident you're gonna get at least $99worth of value.We just talked about the Power Profit Scans.There's also that live trading chat room.And then there's a mobile app so it's not like you have tostay chained to your computer or anything like that.You're not gonna be missing out on life events'cause you have to be at a computeror anything of that nature.So there is that mobile app that also comes with it.And so if you're ready to join, ClayTrader.com/innercircleor just go to ClayTrader.com and click onthe innercircle area and that is where you can sign up.But I mean, overall, great week.If you have any questions or anything please let me knowin the comments section or hit me up via social mediaor email, whatever's easiest for you.But overall, very happy with this weekand a great recovery week, no doubt about it.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader