This Recession Indicator Rules Them ALL – watch HERE

The US economy is facing some tough times currently; however, the truth of the matter is, it has only begun! I know! People tend to get a bit overly dramatic with this stuff in the pursuit of getting clicks, but I will site all my sources and reasoning to why none of this is clickbait or me being overly dramatic. The US economy is facing a “good news / bad news” situation. The economy can be fixed and come out stronger than ever, but, the choices and solutions that are needed will not be easy! In the spirit of being positive, at least our two poison pills won’t kill us! Will be be sick for a while as we endure the solutions? Yes! But when the poison wears off, will we be in a much better spot? Yes!!! If the Federal Reserve continues to act as they say they will with interest rate hikes and reducing their trillion dollar balance sheet, it’s only a matter of time before we face the decision between these two pills. There is a third pill to choose from; however, the third pill is a death pill! What are these pills? How did we get to this point? How will these pills fix the economy? Let’s talk about it!

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