Let’s talk about a day trading strategy and approach that many beginners may be tempted to use when they are getting started. While I understand the world of day trading and the financial markets can be exciting, you need to be extra careful and think twice about using this trading strategy. I have been trading since 2006 and I tell you this because I want you to realize I have a whole lot of, painful, experience that has resulted from using this strategy. The tricky part is, sometimes using the strategy is a smart move and can result in great gains; however, as a beginner day trader, I would highly encourage you to be extra careful when using. The good news is, this is not a “how to” video based in theory, but rather, in reality. I will not be preaching from a “this is what I read in a book once” perspective. I will be using some of my personal day trading results to illustrate exactly what I am warning against. If you are someone who learns best from real world examples and situations that have actually occurred, I’m confident you’ll gain value from this video. Let’s get to it!

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