The danger of echo chambers. This is the key learning lesson I want to address in this video as I use the AMC Apes as the cast study. The main downside of echo chambers is their ability to remove your ability to think logically and clearly. As you will see, this AMC Ape I had an interaction with says the quiet part out loud, yet, most AMC Apes would never notice because of their position in the echo chamber. For those of us on the outside of the chamber, we will all notice a key admission this AMC Ape makes which perfectly points out a key cause of AMC’s stock troubles. I want to be very clear, I am not claiming that shorts do not exist on AMC. They do! Shorts are involved in every stock including AAPL, MSFT and many others. But, there is another very anti-climatic explanation for AMC’s struggles that is openly admitted to (accidentally) by an AMC Ape. If you’re stuck in an echo chamber, you may miss it… and that’s the point! Step out of the echo chambers to ensure you are giving yourself a full 360 degree view of the situation!

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