Finding success as a day trader can be a challenge. Day trading is a great way to make money online in the stock market; however, because of the human mind and psychology, making money is by no means easy. Over my 10 years of being a day trader and trading stocks, I’ve discovered a little strategy that produces powerful results. The best part about this strategy is it is simple, as in… one single question! This questions is extremely profitable because it will force you, as a trader, to think about your future trades in a way that will (in the overall picture) help you make more money. The truth about the stock market is anyone can blindly guess (gamble) and make money. These people never actually make any money though. How so? Because they will eventually lose it back to the market by continuing to use a strategy that is unwise. When you use the little trick I will show you, it will protect you from losing your money to the market…. and a penny saved is a penny earned, so let’s get started and begin making more money!