Day trading is not easy. The rewards and upside potential are enormous, but surviving in the markets long enough to take advantage of those rewards is a whole different challenge. One of the areas of day trading that I underestimated when I was a beginner was the importance of rules. Yes, most people know that in order to survive and thrive you need a valid strategy that will produce consistent money making results; however, the rules surrounding that strategy often times get lost in the shuffle. I want to share one of my rules that has allowed me to survive in the markets as a day trader for 15 years (and counting!). The good news is this rule is nothing fancy. It’s easy to see when it needs to be implemented; yet, it is extremely powerful given what it helps you acknowledge and then avoid. While the rule can take many forms, I want to share with you how I use it and encourage you to consider implementing it into your personal trading as it can (and will) help you avoid some very miserable days in the market!

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