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This Trader is a Beast!

As 2018 comes to a close, I wanted to hopefully motivate and inspire you for whatever your 2019 goals are via this person’s story. From a how to trade marketing perspective, this probably is not the best real life example to use, but whatever. If you want to learn how to trade, the first step is establish the proper context of what it takes from a mental standpoint. You better be ready to work hard as you’re about to see.

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Hey, welcome to another fireside chat.First off, I hope everybody had a great Christmasand we're still kind of right in the middleof the holiday season.Had Christmas, we have New Year's coming upand with New Year's, I wanted to hopefully inspire,hopefully motivate because I know this motivated me a lot.And if I can motivate even just one person, really,I guess when I stop and think about it,hopefully more than one person, but even just one personto motivate you to just kind of not necessarilymake a whole bunch of money, but at least get yourselfin the right mindset for what it takes to be a successfultrader, or in this case, to be just an absolute beast,then great, because trading success,it all starts with perspective, it all starts with mindsetand what it actually is going to take.And I realized that what I'm about to do is probablynot necessarily the best thing from a business perspectivewhen I sit here and say, yeah, this is a great exampleof this sort of kind of mentality and work ethicthat you have to have if you wanna give yourself a chanceat success because it would be much easierto just kind of imply that a lot of this is easy,don't worry about it, but whatever.If I can, like I said, inspire one personthat is the goal here for 2019 in terms of,or not even necessarily a trading goal,but just any goal really in life in general.But I got this email from somebody who's been partof the ClayTrader University program for a whileand they've also taken some of my MoneyWithClay.comcourses because I bring up debt, as you'll see.So they've been invested into themselves,invested in their education and, now, don't get me wrong,I'm not saying that, and that's a magic pill,pay for my courses and then everything is taken care of.Now, I would argue that definitely plays a role in it,but as you're about to see, it also takes just straight uplike beast-mode mentality, let's get it done, no excuses.Let me find that.You see this victim card.No victim cards here for this person.So let's get to this email.Big thank you.Hello, Clay.Just a quick email to say a big thank you for completelychanging my life during the last year.The Inner Circle Membership and CTU, which stands forClayTrader University, are the tools that I useto grow financially and what's more important,to grow as a calm and peaceful human being.Thanks to the courses, your podcast and free videos,I am now completely free of debt and with funds to trade.Now, right here is a very good goal, a very quality goal,a very practical goal that you may wanna consider for 2019,is just getting debt-free.Like I said, this is really stupid to tell somebodythat, where I sell trading courses, to set trading asidefor now and focus on your personal finances.Now I do offer a course, like I said, that this persontook which helped them to get debt-free and it's a system,all that stuff, that I used to pay off debt that I hadand you're more than welcome to take that or not,that's fine too.MoneyWithClay.com is my site where all that stuff is,but even if you don't, maybe that's a goal that youshould first pursue is let's get my own books in orderbefore I try to expand with a business.And that's what trading is.It is a personal business and if you don't treat itlike a business, that business is gonna go bankruptreally quick and you're gonna be looking for somethingelse to do.But like I said, before you go and start a business,how is your own personal finances doing?How is your debt situation doing?Maybe you should focus on that.But point here, this person,I found that very, very fascinating.What did they say?They got free of debt and then they had money to trade with.And I guarantee, and I talked about this before,but that money they had to trade with comes with a lot lessstrings attached when you know that,hey, I don't have any debt.Okay, I feel a lot less, I have peace of mindknowing that there's no debt and there's just these fundshere with no strings attached.But, let's keep on going and don't worry,things get pretty intense here.Just like you said, a short-term painfor a long-term reward.I managed to get a weekend job that suits meFriday to Sunday for 36 hours.So, three days, 12 hours a day.Yeah, you read that right.This guys goes out, spends his whole weekend working 12 hourdays for three days to get 36 hours under his belt.Beast mode.I, let's just keep going.A second job, Monday to Thursday as Domino's Pizzadelivery driver, 20 to 30 hours.Now this guy's out there delivering pizzas.I love it.And if you judge somebody for delivering pizzas,you're a loser.You are a total loser.If people are out there delivering pizzas (clapping hands).People that are out there delivering pizzasbecause they either wanna pay down debt or theywanna get more money for their trading account(clapping hands).I would never make fun of you and, like I said,if anybody judges you for delivering pizzas'cause you're trying to accomplish some broader goal,they're a loser.They're jealous of your ambition,they're jealous of your wherewithal to get`out thereand make something happen for yourself.So yeah, I guarantee you that anybody that may be judgingyou for delivering a pizza or for maybe knockingon your neighbor's door, it's winter here in Michigan,and saying, hey, can I shovel your drivewayfor X amount of dollars?If anybody judges you for getting out thereand trying to hustle like that,I guarantee you their back pocketis filled with victim cards.Don't listen to people like that.Listen to Thomas, which is this guy.Think about it.Weekend, 36 hours.During the week, he's delivering pizzas.He's out there hustling.But it's not done yet.On top of that, I have managed to find a productin my home country which I can sell with a profit herein the United Kingdom via eBay.Not much, but still another sources of income.And most of all, last month I started trading liveand my account is already up 4.2%.Less than three weeks trading, see attached.Beginner's luck?I don't think so.It's the education you offer.So I am now in control thanks to you and your CTU teamfor not only stocks, but getting into options big time.I hope this email will make you smile a little.Happy holidays to you, your family and the CTU team.And then he also sent that attachment so on the screenright now, you can see that his account is up 4.2%and don't be an idiot and be like, that's it?Look at it as good habits have been builtand he is now starting to grow an account.So there you have it.What does it take to succeed?What does a beast trader look like?A beast trader looks like somebody that's willing to dowhatever it takes.And I get it, do whatever it takes.That's a great sounding soundbite.That's awesome to say, but what exactly does that look like?You just saw it.And what really stands out and why I respectThomas the most, which before I forget,we have him scheduled for a podcastso, yeah, I'm excited to interview him for the podcast.When exactly that airs, I don't know yet,but it is in motion.But what I respect most about Thomas is he took his egoand he just punched it in the face, throw it away.Because it does, it takes some humility to go out thereand deliver pizzas, especially if you're out of high school.That takes some humility.It takes some humility to, hey,what are you doing this weekend?Well, I'm working my 12 hour shift.Every day?Yep.That takes a lot of willpower.That takes a lot of discipline.So, staying humble, throwing your ego aside,showing discipline, that's motivating to meand that's what I'm taking from this as I apply itto the next year 2019 in terms of, just Clay,you have goals, get out there and do 'em.Be disciplined about it.Be humble about it.Don't think that all right, well, I gotta do it this way'cause from an ego, no.Throw the ego away and just do what needs to be doneto get out there and get stuff accomplished,whatever those things are.So as far as, hey, what does it take to be a successfultrader, what are the requirements?You better be ready to roll your sleeves upand get dirty.Invest in your education.Well, I don't have money to invest in education.Well, then to out there and create money.Thomas is doing it with three separate income streams.Well, I have the money but I'm not quite sure that,listen, at the end of the day, you gotta just take,you can't sit here and tiptoe around everything.You gotta figure a path out and yougotta just get down the path.Sure, what I would love for the pathto be what I have to offer?Absolutely, but if there's somebody's else path out therethat you feel more comfortable with,then go down that path.At least you're going down a path.Just please don't have it be the path of yeah, buy thisand next week you're gonna be making all sorts of money.That would be known as a sucker's path.So just don't take any sucker's paths,but I'm not gonna sit here and say that mineis the be-all, end-all.It clearly helped this person.It got this person motivated and, like I said,if this all can just motivate one person watching thisto make 2019 just a beast-mode year for yourself,get out there and do it.Sure, it may require some humble pie.Sure, it may require some discipline.But, at the end, it's going to pay offbecause when you build good habits, it's amazing how luckyyou start to get in life, how many surprisesjust start to show up in life when you have good habits.It's weird.It's almost like it's a coincidence that you developgood habits, you rip up the victim card,and then all of a sudden, oh, that just happened,that was pretty benefit, oh, look at that,that door just opened.Oh, look at that window of opportunity just opened.I promise, it's weird how that works out.But if this can encourage you to get out thereand whether that's get your personal finances in store,maybe finally grab and decide, you know what,I'm gonna take trading seriously,I'm gonna invest in some education.Or just anywhere in life that I'll considerthis a mission accomplished, but I wish you all a good,prosperous New Year.Next week I am gonna do a video where I talk about someof my personal goals, just to kind of keep myselfaccountable, but I figured, you know what,Thomas's story is way more motivating,so I definitely wanna get this out before 2019officially starts and, yeah, get out thereand beast mode it.If you are out there trading alone currentlyand maybe are in the market looking for a communityto join to assist you in your trading, or to just help you,give you another set of eyeballs, then I do have a privatetrading community where you can trade alongside meand other experienced traders, so what you seepopping up on the screen right now is both an informationlink, so if you click on the inner circle one,that is going to take you to the page where I explainall the details of what exactly come with the community,both the chat room and the newsletter.And then the other image that has popped upis a behind-the-scenes tour where you can see exactlywhat is going to be contained within the community.I take you through, like I said, a behind-the-scenes tourof everything and that way you'll know preciselywhat you are getting when you join.So, definitely check that stuff out if you are interestedand thinking about wanting to join a communityand let me know if you have any questions.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader