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Time to Expose a Pumper

Is it possible/logical that maybe this certain person who accuses me of “controlling” things is doing so in order to get other people to blame me when their “predictions” go very…. Very…. Very… far South? Again, is it at least possible? It’s time to realize why people blame others. Most times, the people are the ones making the terrible predictions (the “pumps”).

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Time to do some exposing of a pumper.(synthesized music)Now my approach to this is just be logical,and throw out a possibility.Whether or not you wanna believe it, hey, that is up to you.But at least I ask, would you at least acknowledgethat this is rational?That this is a possibility?That it is a logical, a logical conclusion,a logical proposal that I am throwing your way?That's all I ask is will you at least admitthat it's logical?So we have this person.And this person is, according to my proposal, a pumper.A pumper making everything sound great.A pumper making basically some sort of companysound really, really good.Trying to get other people fired up, excited,so that they put their money into it.And I'm not saying they're doing any of it maliciously.Sometimes a pumper is doing it out of pure ignorance,out of pure blindness,because they're just drunk on the Kool-Aid.Sometimes though they are doing it very maliciously.In this situation I would propose that this is justbeing done because this person just doesn't understand.They just don't get it.They're blinded, they're drunk on Kool-Aid.I have two case studies here and the one case study,I don't know, maybe it was just flat-out maliciousness.I don't know, and I have no problem admitting that.What is their intent kind of behind the scenes here?For me, don't know.So I do admit that.But the point here being is like I said, it is my proposal.Could it be the case?Because according to this person, they believe,or they're trying to make people believe,I don't know which it is, but the point is,they're throwing me, so Clay, under the bus.That does not look like a bus, but there I am.They're throwing me under the bus by claimingthat these video charts that I put out.And if you're not aware on them,I have another site or another channel,ClayTrader Video Charts where I just take a very basicanalysis of a technical chart, and I record it.And that's it, it's very, very.Basically to the point where some people actuallymake fun of me for how basic it is.But I admit, it is basic.But I do those on the channel.And according to some, and I get it, this sounds goofy,that's like a sign, for the kiss of death,or there's a shorting group, or there's some sortof manipulation that's about to come on.And there's this, that, the other.But basically, they're throwing me under the bus sayingthat if prices go down, it is my fault.That's the moral of the story.If prices go down, it is Clay's faultbecause he's put these video charts out there.If you're sittin' there saying this sounds ridiculous,I know, I know, I've done this before.It's amazing how the human mind works.But like I said, depending on their intent,they either truly believe it, which is bad.Or they know it's false, but, hey, you know what?If I throw somebody else under the bus,who are the people gonna get mad at?Who are the newbies gonna get mad at?Who are the sheep gonna get mad at?Well they're not gonna get mad at the pumper,they're gonna get mad at Clay and these video charts.So let's kind of just unfold, and I wanna kind of disclosewhat this person who apparently says I control things.And I wish I could say I was inserting words in his mouth.But no, this person either believes or wants other sheepto believe that I control things.And here's the proof of this,I took it right off a message boardwhere they are responding to something.So let's get to that real quick.So like I said, this is in a reply,and their reply is in the all caps.So this person says, "Sounds like running out of ammunition."T-trades and ClayTrader control all."You saw it.ClayTrader controls all, implying.Now to be fair, they did go on to say but in the long term,it doesn't matter.Well, of course, that's what all pumpers say, because right,in the long term, everything's going to dollar land, right?But they did imply that at least in some sortof short-term manner, in some sort of medium-term manner,where they could very well just be dumpingtheir shares on people, that I am in control.I mean, that is.So that is the premise here.But let's look at kind of this person's track record.And you're gonna see that, is it me?Or like I said, I don't care who you believe,but is it at least logical to think that, you know what?Maybe this person is blaming,they're blaming me because they're the onesactually dumping their shares,and causing prices to go down.But, like I said, they need a scapegoat.Is that logical?And here's the person's track record.Like I said, I just pick out a couplebut they're both pretty bad.And like I said, and I should also note to be fair,if I was just kind of playing in the graywhere it's like, okay, you're kind of nitpicking.It was close, but Clay, I get it.But it's not like that at all.You'll see this person is a pumper to the max.So on the screen right now I have everything laid out.We'll start with the actual message board post.You can see on Wednesday. December 27th of 2017,they were posting on DGWR.And they say, "Grab it now because we are going"to hit $2 soon."Million dollar company that is nationwide."And then look at all those exclamation points.And then they throw up the ticker symbol DGWR with another,what is that, three or four exclamation points.Now let's transition over to the chart.So that date I point out on the chart of Wednesday,12-27-17, when they were making that comment,it was up over a dollar slightly.So, essentially, we're gonna hit $2 soon.So that's basically a good 90% move from where it was.Do you see where it is right now,at the time of this recording?Right now that $2 prediction is at eight cents.Now I show this example to at least try to, can we agree?Can it be at least logical that this person,he might be a pumper?Maybe that's part of his trading schemeis to just get people excited,so they buy so that he can dump on them.I mean, hit $2 soon, and now the thing is at $8,and basically, eight or nine months later.Is it at least logical?Am I justified to maybe throw out therethat this person's a pumper?Like I said, you don't have to agree with me.But I think I present a pretty strong case right now.But then I wanna go on this next one,and this is where he's accusing me of controlling things,and all that.So he is again, logical,maybe he's just throwing me under the busto use me as a scapegoat.But let's get to this beauty.So this is on ticker symbol ANDI.Actually, if you look in the top left hand cornerof the screen shot, you can see it.On Friday, February 2nd, of 2018, he says this."We will be at a dollar by then."So you look over at the chart,and on the date that he said we will be at a dollar by then,the stock was at four cents.Okay?So we're talking about like thousands of percents movesto get to that area.Fast-forward, where's this chart at?Where's the stock at right now, as I record this video?That $1 prediction is now currently at .0011.So it's supposed to go to a dollar, now it's at .0011.So think about it, think about it.Do you think anybody, the blind sheep, the blind monkeys,that just wanna show up and be puppets?Do you think any of them are pleased that they were buyingup around, heck, let's even call it one cents,two cents, three cents, not even up at four cents.Do you think any of them are happy that they bought therewith the understanding that this is going to a dollar soon?Do you think any of them are happy?Probably not.Who said that?Well, the pumper guy.Well the pumper, he's not an idiot.He doesn't want them to get mad at.Oh, it's Clay's fault.He's the one, it's all his fault, it's all his fault.And honestly, I could be wrong.You can you look back at all of my videos if you want.I don't think I ever did one on DWGR.So I don't even think you could throw them me under the bus,but I'm sure he blamed the shortsor everything else for those.But is it at least logical that the peoplethat are blaming me,the people that are blaming all these other external forces,is it possible that they're the ones dumping?That they're the ones offloading their sharescausing prices to go down?Is it possible, is it logical?That's all I'm saying, believe me or not.Is it possible that it's not me?It's not shorting.Is it possible that it's the other D?Dilution.Have you ever heard of a penny stock diluting?I know it's rare, that was kidding.Is it possible that maybe the reason both of thesewent all the way down, was, maybe he wasn't dumpingto be fair to him because I don't know.Maybe it wasn't him dumping.But is it possible, is it logical,is there potential that it was just dilutionthat was going down?If you didn't catch the sarcasm earlier,dilution and penny stocks is basicallylike peanut butter and jelly.It's like mustard and ketchup.It is not shocking if somebody were to tell you,hey, you know that penny stock company, they're diluting.Anybody with experience would be like,yeah, and the sky's blue, grass is green, you know?So that's synonymous with penny stocks.So are those things possible, that it is actually not me,not some conspiracy theory,maybe that it's not some other sort of reasonsuch as shorts or MM manipulation, or anything like that.That's what I'm getting.Just throw that out there.The next time you see somebody accusing me,understand that they very well could be a pumperthat's either dumping on you.Or there's some other shenanigans going on,and they're just trying to save face.So they're throwing anything and anyone under the busthat they can so that peoplestill look at them as a credible source.Just keep that in mind.And like I said, this person, yeah.And you still look at their post and they're stilltrying to drag more and more people into that ANDI.And it's sad, it is very, very sad.But it is what it is.So you gotta learn to think critically,learn to kind of consider other things.And I get it, it's not fun to lose money,but sometimes you know what?It's simply your fault, you made a bad trade.But welcome to the club.We all make bad trades.If you're out there trading alone currently,and maybe are in the market looking for a community to join,to assist you in your trading,or to just help you don't give you another set of eyeballs,then I do have a private trading communitywhere you can trade alongside me,and other experienced traders.So what you see popping up on the screen right nowis both an information link.So if you click on the inner circle one,that is gonna take you to the page where I explainall the details of what exactly come with the community,both the chatroom and the newsletter.And then the other image that has popped upis a behind-the-scenes tour, where you can see exactlywhat is going to be contained within the community.I take you through, like I said, a behind-the-scenes tourof everything, and that way you'll know preciselywhat you are getting when you join.So definitely check that stuff outif you are interested and thinking about wanting to joina community, and let me know if you have any questions.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader