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Trading Chatroom Rip-Offs. Be Smart!

Its no secret, there are many chatroom communities out there available to you. I think chatrooms make a whole lot of sense, even if you never choose to join mine; however, with that being said, there is some common sense that seemingly fails to be applied when people are choosing what room they join… and even more-so, how much they pay.

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Let's talk a little common sense, and how thiscommon sense can lead you to being productive,but just in a more cost-effective way.(intense music)Let's first start with the word productive.Productive in the sense of how can you becomemost flexible in your ability to capturewhat's going on around the markets?Whatever market you want that to be, whether that's stocks,bonds, futures, cryptocurrency, but you wanna be flexiblewith your ability to take advantageof the opportunities that are out there.I think we can all agree that that's probablya pretty sane definition of productive.That's where scanners come into play and that's where,in my opinion, a chatroom comes into play,where you can surround yourself in a live settingwith other traders that are like-minded like yourselfand are looking for opportunities.There are chat rooms all over the place.Everywhere you look, there's chat rooms and there's,of course, different prices associated with them.Free, of course, there is free out there, but...Go sign up for some free chat rooms.You'll see free is not really free when you havepumpers, bashers, people looking at,it's just not exactly the most efficient way at all."But Clay, you're saying, but you have a chat room?"I do have a chat room.But I'm gonna explain something here that a lot ofpeople are very clearly just not aware of or,I'm not quite sure.I just kinda wanna get it out there.From, like I said, a cost-effectiveness perspective,you have this in mind.That is let's just stop and think about the source.The source of what?The source of the amountof opportunities that are out there.The source of information.The source of data.Here's kind of a newsflash.Here's the common sense.We all have, assuming you have a platform,and some platforms, of course, you need to pay for,but we are all looking at the same data.It's not like some people, a stock is movingbut other people that stock, no.We're all looking at the stock market.Most cases, the U.S. stock market.There are data sources that are the same for everybody.That in mind, let's just look at right here.We'll call this, that was a bad box.Where's my...There we go.The camera guy coming through.You have data.This data is, of course, it's going to traders.Traders individually, yeah, you can go and do that.I would argue, through my personal experience in life,trading can be kind of lonely.From not only a more opportunity-perspective of a chat room,just simply being able to shoot the breeze, talk,and just chit chat, I think that's another good valueof a chatroom, to an extent.To an extent, when you start to look at prices.But, like I said, as traders,this data is all going to a single trader.But then the idea with the chat room is"I wanna join a bunch of other traders."That way...More opportunities.Because you and I, we only have two eyeballs,so yeah, scanners are great, don't get me wrong.But our two eyeballs can sometimeseven miss things on the scanners.But when you have multiple eyeballs of peoplelooking at scanners (clears throat), the data,it frees up, it's going to help you catch things.This happens all the time.In fact, as of the recording of this video,just yesterday there was a stock that went nutsand I don't know how I missed it.It's kind of embarrassing that I missed it,but whatever, no shame.I did miss it, but another trader in the groupactually saw it and I was still able to capitalize on it.In fact, I'll put a image up right nowthat I posted on social media.Just illustrating this point where, how did I miss this,and then I ultimately made, I think,like $440 on it or something like that.You've seen the image.That's the idea, here, is sure, you're gainingmore opportunities because you have a bunchof traders working together and you are, of course,part of that but all these traders at the end of the dayare looking at the same data.This is where the cost-effective thing comes into play.There's been times where on social media I'll postgreat job for the trading room.We did a good job spotting whatever opportunity.Then every now and then you'll have people like"Such and such got it."That person got it, and you know what,"they were like five cents ahead of you."They're kinda trying to sideswipe the factthat who they're a part of, they saw it.That group got it, too.I like to, once in a while, OK, yeah, that's great.I'm not shocked because we are looking at the same data.Then you go and look at this arrow right here.That being what does it cost to join this group of traders?Then I see it.That person's paying $99 a month.Wow, that's person's paying $140, $197 a month.You start to look at this price structureand you're thinking "Wow, that person literally"just submitted that for the ticker symbol"that my community found, their community found, too."But did you hear the key word?The same ticker.The same opportunity.When you look at what they're paying for the same ticker.Again, why's it the same?Because we're all looking at the same data.All this stuff is coming from the same place.Why are people paying that?Why are people paying exorbitant amounts?"But Clay, you charge."Yeah, I charge my cost, $99 per year.Which, if you do the math on that further,it's like a $1.90 per week.It's not uncommon to go and see $50 a month,$100 a month, and even more than that out there.Be smart.You have to understand the very common,actually it's not too common, but the principleof where all these opportunities are comingfrom, a data that we're all looking at.Am I sitting here saying that our chat roomcommunity captures every single move, no,no chat room can proclaim that.Stocks slip through, opportunities slip through the cracks.I'm not gonna come across and say that.My thing that I'm just trying to toss out there,and not even for my chat room.Maybe you're considering a couple other chat rooms.Just realize that we're alllooking at the exact same opportunities.We're all looking at the exact same data,so why would you pay somebody so much morewhen you can get the same ticker alerts?That's why it's so funny when people offer the sideswipes."I'm in insert blank of chatroom and we had that, too."Well yeah, Insert blank chat room,you're also paying about $1,000 more than whatmy chat room is for the same opportunity.Which just doesn't make any sense.Just something for you to consider.It's all about the data.Where the data's coming from.If you are in the market for a chat room then yeah,I know I offer a very fair deal cause I knowwhat the other chat rooms are out thereand I understand this whole data principle.I hope you would consider us.We'll put a link down below if you wanna check outwhat we call the Inner Circle Community.Even if you don't, that's cool, too.Just be smart with your money and realizethat we're all looking at the same data.If you are out there trading alone, currently,and maybe are in the market looking for a communityto join to assist you in your trading or to just help you,give you another set of eyeballs,then I do have a private trading community where you cantrade alongside me and other experienced traders.What you see popping up on the screen right nowis both an information link.If you click on the Inner Circle one, that is goingto take you to the page where I explain all the detailsof what exactly come with the community.Both the chat room and the newsletter.The other image that is popped up is a behind-the-scenestour, where you can see exactly what is going tobe contained within the community.I take you through, like I said, a behind-the-scenestour of everything and that way you'll knowprecisely what you are getting when you join.Definitely check that stuff out if you are interestedand thinking about wanting to join a community.Let me know if you have any questions.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader