Introduction To Trading Education

A guy that looks like he’s homeless talking about scams. This should be good.

You may be thinking wait a second, you’re calling education and trading a scam? Don’t you sell educational courses? Yes I do. But I wanna be straightforward about this. Sure from a business standpoint, from a marketing standpoint, this probably isn’t the best video for me to do. But I just wanna keep it real and just shoot straight with ya so you have a realistic viewpoint of how education and training really should be viewed and fit together.

So starting off here this circle represents a consistent trader. Somebody that can consistently bring in gains over the long term. Not I made a few good trades here or a few good trader over there. This is somebody that is consistent. This doesn’t necessarily mean they do it full-time. Maybe they have a full-time job but they keep bringing in consistent supplemental income. Whatever that situation is this represents the consistent successful trader. And what most education does is say hey buy my system buy my strategy, let me teach you and you get the full circle. I will make you consistent, I will make you successful. I will do everything for you so that you are this whole circle.

But that’s not how education works. And like I said, I do sell courses. I do sell training. But I’m sitting here telling you that if you buy one of my trainings, if you buy one of my courses. I am not gonna give you this whole circle. You will not be a consistent long-term trader by buying my courses. Why is that the case? And why is education a scam when it’s presented in that light? Again, people marketing, I got a system for you. Let me teach you. I’m gonna make you the whole circle.

Well education actually works like this within the context of this situation. Now this should be proportionate but it’s actually really hard to draw the circle so bear with me. But these levels should be proportionate. These levels should be proportionate. This right here is the education. Education training is a huge, huge part of becoming a successful trader in the long run. There’s no doubt about that it is a part. But you’ll notice we don’t have all the areas of the circle filled in. That’s because education can only do so much. It is a large section, no doubt about that. But it’s only a section. There are other areas there. So let’s talk about some of these other sections.

Realistic Expectations In Trading

First area is over here. And this is where we talk about realistic expectations. What do I mean by that? Well if you think that if you buy somebody’s educational programs or services, and that next week or next month you’re gonna be driving around in fancy cars going on exotic vacations living in a mansion, you don’t have realistic expectations. You’re never gonna become a full trader, because this little area here of not having realistic expectations is gonna corrupt all these other areas. Sure you may be going through education, maybe it’s decent education, maybe it’s worthwhile. But if because of that person that sold you the course has all these illusions of grandeur, you’re not gonna have realistic expectations. And when those expectations don’t come true in the time frame that you may want them to then that’s gonna start to just flow over into everything else and it’s gonna destroy the circle. You’re not gonna be able to have long-term success because you never had realistic expectations to start off with. And education isn’t gonna give you that in terms of what’s realistic.

Now I try my best and that’s the point of this video. You need to have realistic education, but if you think training is some sort of get rich overnight, get rich in a week, get-rich-in-a-month-type deal that’s not how it works. So you need to have realistic expectations as you go into the education.

Hard Work Is Key

Next one we have over here. And this is belief and hard work. It’s amazing how many people get education or whatever and then say wow that’s a lot of stuff. You mean I have to go through all that? I have to paper trade? I have to develop strategies? I have to form plans? Yeah that’s how it works. Sorry but you don’t just sign up for a newsletter subscription and have somebody tell you when to buy and sell and then make money. It’s not that easy. You gotta believe in yourself. And you gotta have hard work. If you’re not gonna believe in yourself, if you’re not gonna have hard work, then you’re not gonna be able to become an overall trader. Now you gotta work hard ’cause this is a big section of the triangle, of the circle right. I guess back to kindergarten for me I don’t know my shapes. But big section here in regards to the square. So yeah that is gonna take a lot of hard work. But if you don’t have hard work and if you don’t have belief, you’re never gonna be able to accomplish all that and you’re not gonna get to where you wanna go.

But again if you’re not having realistic expectations, then your belief in hard work is gonna be thrown off ’cause you’re thinking wow you know I’ve been working hard. It’s been two week and I’ve been working hard. Where’s my fancy house? Well you’re gonna set yourself up for failure. Now something that assists here, and you know the age-old question Clay you know if you’re such a nice guy why don’t you just offer education for free? You’re such a scumbag. Well down here you need to have motivation. And I understand all the marketing gimmicks of huge houses and all that stuff, fancy cars, beautiful women. For you ladies beautiful men with six-pack abs. I understand maybe you know that’s some sort of motivation. But in the real grand scheme of things. In the real kind of practical way, that’s why I charge money.

Now of course that’s not the only reason. But when you pay for something you wanna get money out of it. Especially when you’re a cheapskate like me. If you give somebody money that’s gonna trigger something in the back of your mind that says you know what I paid for this, I wanna get my money’s worth. I’m gonna work hard. So this area is gonna help over here. You need motivation in order to have belief and more so work hard. But again by charging money, by paying for something, and not necessarily me. If you pay for something else you understand how it works when you pay there’s something in your mind that triggers and says okay I put some of my hard-earned money here I need to get my money’s worth. So that’s one of the reasons why I charge ’cause you’re gonna be motivated. Sure you can look at all the free stuff you ever want but you’re never gonna quite take it seriously enough because there’s no really motivation.

Yeah I’ll go through it now. I’ll come back a little later. Maybe next week I’ll check something else out. Wait where was I? I guess I’ll just start over. There’s no structure to anything ’cause you don’t really have any motivation it’s all free. And you don’t need to get your money’s worth out of anything ’cause you haven’t paid for it. So motivation is a key part to becoming a well-rounded trader because you know you’re gonna need hard work.

Trading and Personal Risk Tolerance

And then finally, and this I wanted to be the smallest part of the circle but personal risk tolerance. What do I mean by that? Personal risk tolerance. Well if you ever buy or if you come across a strategy that says I have a strategy where you do this, this and that and you make money. Those are a joke. Why are those a joke? Because there is no set A B C set way of doing things. We’re all different creatures of habit. We’re different creatures of risk. What may be risky for you is not risky for me. You may love roller coasters, I’m scared to death of roller coasters, I don’t like that feeling. To me that’s way too risky. You may say hey let’s go jump out of an airplane and go skydiving. No thanks I have no interest in that. We both have different risk-tolerance levels. Same with trading. So if you go and buy somebody’s educational system that’s gonna teach you this holy grail of how to trade, well what happens if it doesn’t fit up with your personal risk tolerance? Maybe they have a perfect system but you have a hard time following the rules in it. Have you ever thought why do I have such a hard time following rules? It’s because you don’t feel comfortable with it. There’s too much risk involved. And you’re getting way too antsy which is causing you to break those rules. So you need to figure out your personal risk tolerance. And the reason I want it to be so small up here is because sometimes it’s just as small as what happens if I tone down my position size? Or make a little tweak here or a little tweak there? Usually it’s not a glaringly obvious thing but it does play a factor within becoming a well-rounded trader.


So again yes, education is a whole part of it. But education is definitely a scam when it’s presented in the way of hey buy this and you’re gonna become an awesome trader. There’s a lot more to it there’s a lot more outside the education that still needs to factor in. And you are responsible for it. Me? I can’t give you belief or hard work. Sure I can charge you some money and make you want to get your money’s worth, but outside of that there’s nothing I can do. I don’t know what your personal risk tolerance is. I’m trying to give you realistic expectations but if you say ah Clay you don’t know what you’re talking about then sorry I don’t know what more I can do over here. So I’m trying to help out here. There that’s totally up to you. You gotta have the hard work, and you gotta have the motivation. So keep this all in mind don’t go buying some sort of educational system educational strategy, whatever you wanna call it. Or go to attend some seminar or something like that, it’s not quite that easy. There’s more to education than just buy it and you’re gonna be successful. So keep that in mind going forward. If you found this video helpful I’d like for you to do a couple of things. If you’re watching this on my site, click one of the share buttons up above. If you’re watching this on YouTube click that like button. And regardless of where you’re watching it on my site or YouTube, leave comments below. I like to hear from people. And I will do my best to interact with you. So do those few things and little clicks of the mouse like that go a long way. Thanks for watching. Remember keep this in mind now. And get out there work hard. Stay motivated, have realistic expectations, and locate where that personal risk tolerance level is, and that’s gonna help you get to the full well-rounded trader of consistent success.

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