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Trading is Hard. Excuses Do Not Help!

Hopefully this is encouraging, but I need to be blunt too. There are way too many LOW expectations and excuses. You will never get anywhere in life with this outlook on things (and if you listen to the end, you’ll see a bad use of time management)

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I wanna be encouragingbut I also need to be honest,maybe a little brutal.I don't wanna hear your excuses.(whooshing)A couple of things first.I'm gonna put the entire YouTube commentthat this all came about from down below,and that way, just to be fair to the person,maybe you totally agree with them,but I don't want anybody to think I'm taking thingsout of context.And then also,I'd encourage you to check out https://moneywithclay.comI offer a podcast on thatwhere I talk about pretty much everythingthat I'm gonna talk about in a nutshell here,but just kinda refuting and providing more evidencebased off you know articles that have come out,news stories, statistics, surveys, all that stuff,which can be found there,which kind of coincides with the whole,I guess, moral of the story of this.And that is, I don't wanna hear your excuses.And at the end, I'll kinda throw the punchline here,but like I said,the overall, the overall situation we'll call it,is down below if you wanna read thatand then toward down below that is,if you're watching this on https://claytrader.com,if you're on YouTube,then you'll just have to go to https://claytrader.comto you know actually see it.But let's get to this comment first,and I'm just gonna read a portion of it.That's why I wanted to put the entire thing down below.Just on to me,let me set something here for context.Essentially, I have a video out thereand this person replied to the videoand it was just one of my trading 101.So it's something very simplistic,nothing wrong with that.And they were wondering"Hey, I wanna get into trading"and they were explaining a few thingsand I told them "Hey, you know what"in your situation, just get a couple of jobs"cause you know they cannot really affordyou know from their point-of-view they're just wonderingbut from my point-of-view,you know they just couldn't afford to actually do tradingthe right way.Cause it takes money to make money right?You need money you know to learn,you need money to actually trade with.So what I told them was"You know what, your best you know choice right now"is just to pick up another job"or couple part-time jobs or whatever"and start to hoard some cash."That's gonna be you know based on what they told meand that was what I told them"To just get a couple of jobs."And then this is their reply."Wow, that's incredibly rude, insensitive"and condescending of you."How do you know I don't already?"How do you know what my situation even is?"But sure, I'll tell you exactly why."I would need Mark's ball part-time job to save"for even a year of education."Even for the modest of educations."And before you ask,"I've done two years of college already."Through Po grants,"but that isn't nearly enough."You still line up having to ask someone for money"which is bull."Number two."And even if I'd time, I'm done saving"tuition inflation would have increased so much"that I would have to continue saving."That's so false and I'll show you how."Do you seriously think that a part-time job"or even two is enough to save for college"while at the same time, a full-time job at minimum wage."Heck, even a third higher wage than minimum wage"where I live isn't"live isn't enough to live of of."What do you think it's like?"I would just work a second part-time job"for a few months"and then I can go pay for four years of tuition?"What world you living in seriously?"Think that's how it works?"I should probably make this biggerso I can see better.Hopefully you get the gist of things.Basically, listen.A part-time job is just not worth it especially minimum wageandyeah itthere's pretty much nothing I can do.I mean, why even bother with all these other jobs and suchbecause Iit's just not worth it.And first off, my first complaint here isand this, you know I'm not trying to rip this person down,I'm actually trying to build them up.And that's why I blacked out their username in YouTubecause I don't want people going thereand trolling them or anything like thatcause I wanna try to motivate and encourage,but the first is...What is this person's baseline?What is zero base on this person's baseline iseverything, minimum wage, minimum wage.Why are holding yourself to just making minimum wage?Why can't you do better than minimum wage?Seriously, why can't you?What kind of attitude is that when you just look at thingsthat's everythings automatically gonna be minimum wage?Well Clay you know if you don't have a degreeor if you don't no, that's all garbage.It's all garbage.There are so many jobs out there right nowthat pay more than minimum wage.Now, if you do read below they mention whatI was never taught to learn any trades or skills.Not an excuse.There are plenty examples where the trades out therewhere you don't go to collegewould actually pay for you to learn the skill.Again, reference that podcast.I have a ton of information where I talk about for exampleoff the top of my head,somebody that wanted to become an electrician.Well somebody, the company was like"Hey we'll pay you to get the classes"to learn how to become an electrician"then you'll come work for us."They didn't have to pay a dime to go learn that skill.So the whole premise of"Hey, nobody ever taught me a trade,"nobody ever taught me a skill."You can go learn and people will pay for that for you.And those jobs aren't at minimum wage.They're actually a lot more.Again, the podcast here that I'm talking aboutin another episode I was talking about,there was some essentially in a nutshell,some 22, 23-year-old kidmaking about $70,000 dollars a yearbecause they went and learned a skillmore in the mechanical section of things.But still, and he had everything paid for.And $72,000 dollars a year is not minimum wage.So what is your baseline?If your baseline is only minimum wage,you're already holding yourself backyou know and the most, in a real quickyou know and I have plenty of stuff thereand I keep referring back because I realize right now,I'm just gonna talk in theoryand I'm just...It may seem like I'm just pulling stuff out of thin airbut all the proof is right there.But I did wanna offer one bit of proofas far as me saying"Look, there's plenty of job opportunities"and what you see here in just a second,literally was released like yesterdayin terms of when I'm recording this videoand when this comment came in.So as you see here from CNBC The Economy"U.S. weekly jobless claims drop"to a near 49-year low."Right there at the first bullet pointthe number of Americans filing for unemployment benefitsfell to a near 49-year low last week.So again buddy, there are opportunities out thereand they're not at all you know minimum wage opportunities.Sure, maybe you ought to break a sweat.Sure, maybe you have to swing around a hammer.Sure, maybe you ought to get your clothes dirty,your hands dirty.Maybe get a little grease on ya.But there's so many opportunities out there.And again, if you read the whole thing,pretty much throw stuff at me like"What have you ever been through" blah blah blahI well tell you I did roofing every single summerwhile I was in college.And roofing was hard work but you know what,it definitely paid a lot more than minimum wageand it' helped me get through school.So it's not like I was brought up with some silver spoonor anything like that.I have been a...I had to push carts in from the parking lot.That was another job I did.I mean talk about mind numbingly boring.And get that you know on those hot dayspushing in a bunch of carts,not exactly the easiest thingbut you know what, it got the job done.It was creating revenue for myself that I could thenyou know piggyback into other you knowjust other revenue streams and so on and so forth.At that point mainly just for schooland living expenses and stuff like thatwhile I was in college.But the point there, I get it manI'm not sitting here talking Donahue from a perchthat's never been through this stuff.I have.And then you talk about "Well, I can't go to school."I can't get enough money"because everything by the time I save up,"tuition will rise, inflation will rise."That's such a crap of garbageand that's the worst excuse everand math, I'm gonna quicklyquickly show you how that works.Now the one thing here is a community college, okay?So I'm not talking about, well yayo gotta save what for some small private schoolthat's $30,000 dollars a year.That's all that I'm talking about.Community college okay?Again plenty of information up thereor if you wanna just google cost of community collegesyou'll see that you know for a semesterit's very very manageable for just a semester.So it's not like you have to pay for a whole yearwhich is what this person said.Now minimum wage, you can do better than that.I know that you can come to Michigan,and if you work hard,I know my brother-in-law,I know friends who are in building,they'll at least,they'll start you off at $10 dollars an hourto just start you know learning the trade of buildingand construction a lot sort of stuff.So $10 dollars an hourand it would rise quickly if you prove to behalfway competent.But even with this,$10 an hourand yeah,nobody said was not easy okay, so yes.I'm saying 50 hours a week,that is $500 dollarsper week,that is$2,000 dollarsper month.Now, with some situations, that may be enough to offsetand you could just pay for one semesterof community college.Well I don't know, maybe they're not that much.So let's just do two months then.So times two right there,you now have $4,000 dollarsthat you could start to use for school.Start to use for some sort of pursuit of tradingor really of anything.Now sure, that's working 50 hours a week!But life is not easy.The stuff that you wanna get tois not gonna be handed to you.You have to be willing to break a sweat, get dirty,work hardyou know that's pretty muchwhat it boils down to.And again, this is just based on $10 dollars an hour.I mean if you're worth the hoot,I mean that's gonna go up that much more.So keep that in mind.I don't wanna hear your excuses.It's just not valid.And here's the kicker and this is the main reason whyI kinda brought out this person's informationcause I don't want people tolet's encourage but talking to you,the person that left this.I checked out your channeland I see you posted a fewI don't know if you know what they're called,watch me play, watch me gamewhere like people record their screensas they play video games, soLet's play.Let's play, okay.Let's play, thank you K.The camera got such a geek now.Oh great, now I've offendedall the video get (laughter)I love video.In fact I would love to get into video gamingbut I've such an addictive personalitythat I'd become a deadbeat dad and fatherand that would be not good.So actually, I do like gamers but.So, I went to his YouTube channel,and he's got a couple of Let's Play situationswhere he's recording the screen of himplaying video games.And first of that's great.He apparently tried something,you know maybe to see if people would watch himplay video games.But what are you doing with your time?How many video games haves you been playingto get to the point where you wanna at leastgive that a try?So I really don't want to hearall these woes me, I can't get a job,there's not enough timewhen apparently you're spending quite a bit of your timeplaying video games.I don't want to hear it.If that makes me cruel, then so be it.But I have plenty of data here to back up my claims.This is the math right here,I guess correct me,I'm pretty sure my math is right right therebut a lot of stuff that he was throwing at mecan easily, easily be overcomeif he maybe takes video games out of his life.So I hope this helps him.I don't he probably won't watch thisI think he prob, he's not a big fan anymoreI don't think.But if somebody else cause is maybein some sort of mindset,and you wanna get into tradingor you wanna get into really any other avenue of life,like I said,community collegegreat thing,make yourself halfway decentand yeah there's plenty of opportunities out there.If you're out there trading alone currentlyand maybe work in the market looking fora community to join,to assist you in your tradingor to just help you you knowgive yourself another set of eyeballs,then I do have a private trading communitywhere you can trade alongside meand other experienced traders.So what you see popping up on the screen right nowis both an information linkso if you click on the inner circle one,that is going to take you to the pagewhere I explain all the detailsof what exactly come with the community,both the chat room and the newsletter,and then the other image that has popped upis a behind-the-scenes tourwhere you can see exactly what is going toyou know be contained within the community.I take you through like I said a behind-the-scenes tourof everythingand that way you'll know precisely what you are gettingyou know when you join.So, definitely check that stuff out if your are interestedand thinking about you know wanting to join the communityand let me know if you have any questions.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader