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Let’s have ourselves a battle! Competing in this matchup are three separate technical charting platforms. If you are a beginner trader and have made the decision you want to be a technical trader, then you’re probably wondering what charting platform you should use. If you are a trader with experience but wondering if you should spend less (or more) on your current charting platform tools, this will be a video for you. I will compare three tiers of charting platforms. From completely free (WeBull) to moderate priced (TradingView) to over $100 per month (eSignal). I’m not here to tell you which charting platform you should use. My job in this video is to let your very own eyes observe and compare the differences of these platforms. They’re all conveying the same information, but it’ll be up to you to determine which one visually appeals to you. Along with this, you’ll need to factor in the speed component. Does one of the platform’s data seem lagging compared to another? Let’s have ourselves a look and see how this battle plays out!

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