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Trading Psychology: Master Your Mind. Make Money. is my free online class where I do a deep dive into all things trader psychology. In this class I am going to cover a topic that will be relevant not only for Class 2 (representativeness heuristic), but also for the next several classes. In other words, while I don’t want you to skip any of the classes, the topic of intuitive and deliberative thinking is a “must understand”! We’ve learned about trading blind spots and how are brains are wired to think; however, I have kept it pretty surface deep until now. When you understand the natural instincts of of brain, you will develop a much better understanding of why you’ve done the stupid things within your trading you have (or why you have been tempted). Whether we are day trading or swing trading, we need to be self aware as traders. A quick way to lose track of self awareness is due to the battle of our systems of thinking. After this class you will be extremely aware of your initial responses to problems and be better prepared to ensure you are giving them the proper “thought process” required. Let me explain what I mean!

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