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Trading Psychology: Master Your Mind. Make Money. is my free online class where I do a deep dive into all things trader psychology. In Class 1 we talked about trading blind spots and why they exist, but now it’s time to explore more of the details of how these blind spots work and why they are dangerous for us as traders. In this class, I will be going into more detail regarding what is known in the world of psychology as the Representativeness Heuristic. This is a mental shortcut that our minds love to use. The problem is, as you’ll see in the class, when it comes to day trading and swing trading, it will quickly cause problems. We all want to make money as traders, and in order to do this, we must master our mind and be aware of how it is wired and the pitfalls it can create. Let me show you how this heuristic works and how we can be on guard against it. In doing so, we will put ourselves in a much better position of increasing the odds we can make profitable trades! Let’s go!

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