Sometimes trading truths are not the most popular topic in trading to talk about as they can bruise the ego, but if you want to learn how to trade successfully, trading truths are required. One of the key dynamics of trading that you need to understand “how to know” is whether or not you are a sheep or a wolf. The key part here is being honest with yourself. When you are honest with yourself and can determine if you are a sheep or a wolf, it will put you in a much more powerful situation. If you are a wolf, then great, you have the attitude required and can know you are on the right pathway. If you determine yourself to be a sheep, that’s fine too! At this point you’ll know you need to begin to make changes and put yourself on a different pathway. You can’t fix a problem unless you acknowledge there is a problem in the first place. How do you know if you are a sheep or a wolf? I have a little example for you within the video that will help shed some light onto where you stand in regards to this area of trading. Again, the most important part here is to be honest with yourself so you can truly identify any problem areas that might exist.

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