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Wacom Intuos Trading Review

Thinking outside of the box a little with this one, taking a look at a peripheral that most people probably haven’t used, to see if it would make a quality addition to a trading desk. The Wacom Intuos is at its core a graphics tablet, but lets see how its 1 to 1 ratio and quick action buttons translate to trading.

Wacom Intuos Medium (the tablet in this video): https://amzn.to/2rMiwQl
$99 version, Intuos Small: https://amzn.to/2rMkWzn

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(Techno Music)Hey guys, what's up?Today we're gonna talk about the Wacom Intuos.We're gonna see if it will actually replace your mouse,for trading.So, what is a Wacom Intuos?Well, it's this guy, right here.It is a 10 and a half inch,by like, seven and a half inch graphics tablet.It's got some buttons up at the top you can program.It's got USB, micro USB, it's got Bluetooth.It comes with this pen here,you can purchase on Liberty,all that fun stuff.So, that's what it is,at it's core, it is a graphics tablet.So, what are we gonna do with it for trading, right?Well, the benefits of this thing are actually pretty cool.First off, it's got one to one ratio,so, this top left hand corner right here,is always gonna be the top left hand corner of your screen.Bottom right hand corner,always the bottom right hand corner of your screen.What's that mean, right?Well, if you have buy or sell buttons,that are always in the same spot,or if you're using, like, an active trader,that the fixed line is always in the middle,and right above it right below it,is your buy, sell, for those orders,you can easily hit this every time.Muscle memory is a great thing when it comes to computers.I mean, your keyboard,you don't look at your keys,every time when you go to type, right?You kinda know where the keys are,you just click 'emand you keep doing your thing.Same thing with something like this.You don't need to know exactly where your mouse is,on your screen.'Cause you can jump right to where you need to be.Something else that's pretty cool about this guy,is these buttons at the top.I kinda glossed over 'em earlier,but, there's four quick action buttons here.You can actually program those,to do whatever you wantand they're application specific.So, the software that comes with Wacom is pretty great.You can program these buttons to do whatever you want.So, like I said, like, sure, for instance,we open up Think Or Swim,I can program these buttons to zoom in,zoom out on my chart,jump to a different page, place an order,whatever the application itself,wants me to set up hot keys for.So, it could be of 16 different key sequence,on your keyboard to access it.Could be, control, alt, shift, five, X, plus,whatever, it doesn't matter.You can set that all upand in one click of a button here,you can quickly get to that quick action item.So, what else does this do?Why else would you think about,replacing your mouse with this?Well, it's way more ergonomic.Everybody's used to holding a pen,it's very comfortable in your hand,how you'd wanna use it.You're not, like, doing some weird thing.And, you're not doing the same repetitive motion every time.So, with the mouse, you hafta click the left mouse button,or the right mouse button every time.With a pen like this, you just tap.So, it's exactly like writing on a piece of paper.Everybody's used to that, it's very ergonomic,very good for your body itself.So, what are some of the problems?Why wouldn't you,so, that sounds great, right?Why wouldn't we wanna use a device like this for trading?I mean, it sounds like all the boxes are checked.Plus, it adds some other great functionality.Yeah, yes and no.So, a couple big things I've kinda struggled with,on this device, one being scrolling.I didn't imagine, I didn't realize,how often I use my scroll wheel,until I didn't have one.Now, you can program this guy, and these,there's two buttons on this little pen, actually.You can program these so one is scrolling.So, you click it and move up or down,or left or right on this pad itself.And it acts like a scroll wheel.And yeah, it works,but, it's not really the same as a scroll wheel.So, if you find yourself using a scroll wheel a ton,that might be a deal breaker for you, here.Side note, Intuit does have a version of this,it's a lot more expensive,that has a scroll wheel built in.So, that might be an option.The second thing is multiple monitors.So, this device will work just fine,with a couple different monitors.You can see, I have three behind me, here.You can set it up so it works acrossall three of those monitors with no issues.The problem is,you lose a lot of your accuracyand you're actually wasting a lot of the space on here.So, like I said, it's one to one.If I'm using one monitor,okay, this whole face is one monitor,but, if I'm using it for three monitors,now this has to be divided up,into three separate monitorsand you lose a lot of your accuracy.You can set up the buttons at the top,to be able to jump,so, set it up as one monitor modeand then jump between monitors,as to which one you wanna use.But, with three screens,that doesn't really make sense for me.So, I currently have this set up,just to use on my one main monitor.Which, if that's what you're using,if you're using, trading mostly on one screenand maybe a couple chartsor auxiliary stuff on other screens,that would work just fine.You're just using two screens,jumping screens would be fine.So, I still use my mouseand this guy at the same timeand it seems to be a pretty good balance.So, Should you buy this guy?Should you get one for trading?Do I recommend this?Yeah.I mean, it's kinda cool, right?It's kinda fun, something unique to play with.It's a little more in,it takes a little bit of learning to get used to it.But, at the same time, it's way more intuitive.I mean, everybody's used to using a pen and paper.So, you kina know how to do that, right?So, this guy here,this one, this is the medium sized,retails for about 200 dollars, 199 I think.They actually have a smaller version.I think it retails for like 99 dollars.Couple inches smaller,but, it does all the same functionality,it's just a little bit smaller.So, I would strongly recommend,if this intrigues you,if you're at all thinking,hey, that could be kinda fun to play with,could make my trading a little bit better,yeah, go ahead and pick one of these up.Maybe pick up the small one.It's only 100 bucks,it's not really a deal breaker.A lot of store will let you return it,if you don't like it anyway.So, I would say, certainly check those out.Is it gonna make you a better trader,at the end of the day?No, probably not.Is it gonna make trading a little easier?Maybe a little more fun, maybe a little more accurate?Yeah, possibly.Might be able to get into a trade a little quicker,get out of a trade a little quicker.Whatever, maybe.So, definitely, just dropped a pen on the floor.Definitely check this guy out.If you have any other questions,certainly let me know down below in the comments.I'd be happy to answer 'em for you.If you have any follow up questions,about the tablet itself,I can certainly answer those.Or if you have any other tech questions as well,regarding trading.Definitely shoot us a messageand we'll see what we can do to help you out.Thanks, guys.

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