If you’re a beginner to the markets as a day trader, I’m assuming you want to find success! I’ve been working with and teaching traders since 2013 and through the many years of observation (and common sense), there is one choice you can make that will guarantee you never find true success. Unfortunately, because the way our human brains are wired, it is very easy and common for beginner day traders to make this choice. When you throw in the echo chamber of social media and the internet itself, the ease at which this choice can be made increases that much more. A huge part of trading success is mastering your emotions and mind, so the sooner you realize this, the sooner you’ll be able to put yourself in the driver’s seat to finding success as a day trader. As humans, our ego is one of our most prized possessions as it makes us feel good about ourselves, but when we step into the world of trying to learn how to day trade online successfully, it can become a massive hassle. Placing the ego aside gives you the chance to grow and learn, so let’s talk about this pivotal choice that is going to drastically improve (or hinder) your odds of finding success!

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