Thanks for a recently viral Facebook post I made (over 88,000 Likes and 66,000 Shares), I’ve gathered quite a bit of insight into a topic that I believe is severely misunderstood and viewed from an impractical angle. I totally understand why people view this topic the way they do; however, I want to talk about the view I take and one that I believe can help you be successful. To be fair, odds are you are already doing very well in this area of life, but I still think that by using my personal viewpoint, you can improve upon the good things you already have going. I mean come on, an improvement in efficiency is always a good thing, right? The fact of the matter is this, whether you like it or not, you are a business owner. There is no way you can get around it, there is no way you can escape it. Let’s talk about this business and the types of choices you can make to create opportunity and make the most of it!

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