The term “equity” is thrown around in various ways, but in this video, I will be talking about “equity” from a financial perspective. When I was new to the world of money basics and wealth building, I was constantly hearing the term of “equity” being thrown around. In hindsight, it’s quite embarrassing knowing how simple it is to understand, yet, how intimated I was of it. In other words, please don’t think you need some kind of college degree in business finance or mathematics in order to understand how financial equity works. All you will need is two basic numbers and an understanding of how to do subtraction. If you know how to use a calculator and do subtraction, you will know how to figure out the financial equity of your situation. Depending on your personal goals within the world of wealth building and money, equity is a topic you’ll want to have a full understanding of. There are many hotly debated topics surrounding it, but before you can form your own opinion on it, it would be wise to know what it is, right? Let me walk you quickly through what financial equity is and how you can quickly figure it out!

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