If you want to have a worthwhile conversation, both people should do their best to avoid throwing out and using the Red Herring Fallacy. What is the Red Herring Fallacy? This is what I want to discuss in the video and explain why it is a massive distraction in regards to achieving productivity within the discussion. When people are distracted from the main talking point and claims being made, it tends to cause the discussion to go way off course. When this happens, the main claim is either not addressed or addressed in a very surface deep way that does not, actually, provide any true solutions or agreement. In the example I use in the video, you’ll see the Red Herring Fallacy is produced from a place of emotion. When emotion is interjected into a discussion, it’s like the gasoline that ignites the explosion of going “off topic”. Therein lies the problem though, it can “feel like” you’re still on topic, but you’re not! Instead of trying to further explain it, let me just use a real world example that is from my social media! Avoid the Red Herring!

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